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Harmony Grant Spotlight: DeFimons


How it works

Play-to-earn mechanics

  • Buy apartments, character outfits, health packs, fruits
  • Stake and farm
  • Complete weekly missions to win various prizes
  • Capture rare monster NFTs through PvE battles
  • PvP battles to win prizes
  • P2P marketplace for monsters, apartments, and outfits







  • Mutation 0 is a baby animal taken from the real world.
  • Mutation 1 is an adult animal taken from the real world.
  • Mutation 2 is a mythical animal taken from typical folklore from around the world.


Social features



Q1 2022

  • Twitter community
  • Discord community
  • Game wiki
  • Whitepaper
  • Alpha release
  • IDO
  • In-game AMAs
  • Bank launch (DEX)
  • Chat system

Q2 2022

  • Beta release
  • Initial mint aka generation 0
  • Yorokobi Apartments sale
  • YouTube videos regarding lore/ storyline

Q3 2022

  • PvE fights
  • Hospital launch
  • Clothing store launch
  • Grocery store launch

Q4 2022

  • Sunken ship mini-game
  • Graveyard mini-game
  • Factions
  • Weekly missions begin
  • Monthly events begin

Q1 2023

  • Heiwa City expansion
  • PvP competitions
  • Generation 1 initial mint
  • Kurayami City Expansion
  • Apartments sale for Kurayami City
  • Apartments sale for Heiwa City

Q2 2023

  • Generation 2 initial mint
  • The World of Nefaria Expansion
  • Charington City expansion
  • Apartments for sale in Charington City

Wrapping Up



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