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Countdown to Launch…

Meet the Team… Four friends, one defining objective

Our Team is everything. The birth of Momentum Sports Analytics brought forth the results of the relentless thirst for knowledge and far-reaching ideas of four friends. Being weighed down by student loans and limited access to early funding has not affected our ambition or work ethic. If anything, we have become more creative and resourceful. “Be Scrappy” — Hai H. Our daily motto has led us to leverage each other's unique skill sets, approaches and networks to work around the challenges we face. I believe our collective sum is our greatest asset as a startup.

The Momentum directors are a few of my closest friends and friendly rivals — they are my brothers…allow me to introduce you to our team.

Our Team in Clockwise order from the top left: Anton Bellot, Hai Huynhlam, Jason Lewis, Karl Mome

Anton Bellot (Director|CFO), born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, is a University of Calgary graduate with a degree in Finance. While in school he challenged himself on the football field for the UCalgary Dinos (Go Bears!). Anton oversees all financial and risk aspects of the company including financing strategies, legal, pricing models and cash flow forecasts. Anton and I met as summer students at an oil and gas social at James Joyce on Stephen Avenue. I noticed right away his positive energy and charisma — everyone wanted to talk to Anton. We put our networks together that summer, scheduled a trip to Banff for a little weekend relaxation and the rest is history. Anton still resides in Calgary, Alberta.

Hai Huynhlam (Director|CSO) is a University of California Irvine graduate in Software Engineering. He is responsible for the development of the software stack. Hai has been one of my best friends from the day we met in the 8th grade. I had just moved to Lathrop, California and he invited me to hang out with him after he saw me walking alone from school. From there on, Hai and I spent countless hours doing calculus homework, shooting hoops, and tossing the football around. During our freshman year of high school, we had a business class together and competed to see who would get the best grade. Hai handed me an “L” (98 to 97 percent), we then promised ourselves we would someday start a company together…and here we are. Hai now lives in Los Angeles, California.

Jason Lewis (Director|CTO) is a University of California Davis graduate and earned a double major in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Jason oversees our hardware integration strategy as well as our biomechanics analysis development. Since meeting Jason at Sierra High in Manteca, California, he has become more than a friend to me. I can remember us waiting in that valley heat after football practice to be picked up as neither of us owned a car… never would’ve guessed I’d never stop “kickin’ it” with that guy. We grew to become training partners and spent countless hours at the gym, watching film, and running one-on-ones. We’ve made it a point to maintain and grow our friendship by striving to never miss any major life event. Pretty safe to say, someday Jason will be my best man. Jason now lives in San Francisco, California.

Lastly, my name is Karl Mome and I have the pleasure of being what Silicon Valley mogul, Guy Kawaski, would describe as “the Evangelist” of Momentum. As CEO my job is to create a global community for Momentum and find solutions to the barriers we have and will encounter. I am an immigrant to Canada, originally born in Neuilly-Sur-Seine just outside Paris, France. My parents (from Doula, Cameroon) moved to North America in 1993 in pursuit of a better life for their children. I spent my youth growing up in Montreal QC, Toronto ON, Oakland CA, and Lathrop CA. After high school, I headed back north to Canada, to the city of Edmonton, Alberta, where I graduated from the University of Alberta with a degree in Geophysics. While in school, I played football, spending time with both the Golden Bears and Edmonton Wildcats. I currently live in Calgary, Alberta.

I am not sure what an all-star startup cast looks like, needless to say; I’d take my team against anyone. Our trust and confidence in one another’s capabilities and more importantly character, has laid the foundation for Momentum and fuels the engine for this journey.

Buckle up… we are now testing our alpha product :)

for early access to our platform visit us online today.

— Karl Mome (CEO|Director|Founder)



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