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You’ve struck gold! This is the mother lode of musings about all things mom.

the minus ones

a little something you probably didn’t know: I almost got married earlier this year.

am being serious. like, house-hunting / ring-sizing / OKCupid account…

Blood Moon

This story takes place in a single night. One of the summer nights when the nearby forest fires casted a blood red glow over the moon’s face. The same color red that was in Sydney’s bloodshot eyes after one of her classic panic attacks. It has been observed repeatedly preceding these attacks, around twenty-three minutes average, pure rage follows. She sits there, on the couch, in the…

Not so obvious.

Mother’s Day.

Everyone has one. Otherwise, you would not be here. And you ‘re lucky that you and your mother are having a fine relationship. You may feel…

Queen and the Pretty Tears

I couldn’t stop looking at her: the regal profile, the swanlike neck, the strong, elegant shoulders. She looked like a dancer. She looked like Nefertiti, out of…

A Post Mother’s Day Reflection

The Art of Being a Great Mother

I am one of three brothers, so my mom is as close to being a living saint as there can


For my mother, Gauri Deshpande 1942 — 2003

I wrote this on mother’s day 2004, the year after my mother died. Reading it today, I realize that it takes much longer…

Mother’s Day: A Manifesto

A few days earlier, my husband looked at the calendar, and then up at me with slight alarm: “It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, what do you want to do?”

How, On Mother’s Day, Twitter Taught Me the True Meaning of Social Support

Sunday was Mother’s Day. It is not a holiday I celebrate. I am not a mother myself, and as those of you…

Goddamnit, Mom Was Right Again

Lessons I’m (still) learning

My mother is always right. For a while, that infuriated me. Eventually, though, I realized what a…

This is How I Say I Love You

Dear Mummy,

When I was some number of years younger than ten, I noticed that my friends all called their moms “Mom”. I felt like a baby for still calling you Mummy, but a brief experiment in switching to Mom did not last very long. Later, I noticed that you still call your mother Mummy and I realized that the names we call each other having…

Should you be calling your mom more often?

I asked people how often they talk to their mother. Here’s what I learned.

I, Mother.

I thought on Mother’s Day, I will write my first article on Medium. Here it is. For all the mothers out there.

Before Lucien

A Century of Mother’s Day

Mom — Dawn Casey-Rowe

It’s time to plan something nice for your mom. Mother’s Day turns 100 this year. It’s gone from a 1908 idea created by…

I love my mother most on Mother’s Day.

And I know I’m not alone.

Remember the times when you would get so excited for Mother’s Day at school because you could sit…

Mother’s Day

I miss my mom. She’s been gone twelve years. I miss her voice; I miss how she took care of me, even from miles away. And I miss what we never had: shared time with my children, her…

Finding solid ground

On mental illness, being a good daughter, and growing up

“It would be easier,” my sister hesitates, “if she just didn’t exist.” Although I know that this is where she was heading — it had to be — I’m still glad that it was she who said it and not I. It just sounds so flippant, so convenient. As if we are two petulant children wishing away our…

Why I Boycott Mother’s Day

All throughout my childhood I felt like Mother’s Day was forced down my throat like liver and onions. It was as if my mother’s entire existence depended upon how…

Mommie Dearest
Mommie Dearest

You’ve struck gold! This is the mother lode of musings about all things mom.

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