Welcome to My Blog!

(Originally posted 2/14/2016)

My first blog post! I’ve been wanting to blog for so long. What a special day to finally be starting! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m excited and a little nervous. Here I am putting myself out there for you to like me or not. You will for sure judge me. I hope you’ll feel something, at least. What good is life is you don’t feel something?

Why am I blogging?
Maybe I want to help others by sharing the vast knowledge I’ve learned about being an adoptive parent and being a peaceful parent educator.

Maybe I want to connect with other creative, passionate, wacky, smart, funny, seekers on this adventure called life!

Maybe I want to be a part of something that inspires others and also myself.

Maybe I want others to know they’re not alone, if you have a messy house and aren’t the greatest cook in the world, but a win one day may be clearing off the top of your desk after vowing to do it for months! Or you believe connecting and having fun with your kids takes priority over housework.

Maybe, I want you to hear what I have to say since, I often times feel unheard by my young fantastic son or very busy, terrific husband.

Maybe it’s a longing for a deeper connection with other people because being a stay at home and work from home mom can be lonely at times.

Maybe it’s all of these things. I just have something to say, so here I am ready to blog my heart out!

What I’ll blog about:
I’m not sure if I have a specific “voice” or cause. I know I, myself, am a mass of contradictions and believe life to be a continuous balancing act, full of such various wonderful unexpected situations, so I’m sure there will be much to write about. Some posts may be light and airy and others may be deep and profound.

Some of the things I plan to write about are: parenting, being an adoptive mom, being an older mom and dealing with trying to stay healthy for my son. Just trying to stay awake some days!

I’ll write about homeschooling, about our adoption, about my adoption support group I run, about when I speak on adoption.

I’ll write about becoming a parent educator for Peaceful Parenting Teach Through Love by Lori Petro.

I’ll write about married life, trying to keep romance alive after being with a partner for almost 20 years. Date night for us is watching a show together like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Brooklyn 99, Homeland and things that make us laugh. Or watching a movie. We are crazy movie fanatics. We’re still best friends and amazing parents together.

I’ll share some nitty gritty personal stuff and random commentary on life in general.

Some posts will be long, some will be short.

Bottom line, I hope you will read something you can relate to. I’d like to make other parents laugh through the hard times. To perhaps see things in a new way, or feel validation and acknowledgment because you read something similar to your own life.

As my husband will tell you, I have much to say! I’ve always been extremely chatty since a very young age. I’m also very opinionated but also able to see both sides of things. So having this blog will give me a forum, an outlet, if you will, to express my thoughts, feelings, desires, inspirations, wisdom and questions and concerns about all things, big or small.

I do hope you’ll join me on this new journey.