12 Tips to Find Writing Support and Feel Less Alone

I celebrated my completed manuscript with a pity party, but you don’t have to!

Annie Cathryn
Moms Don’t Have Time to Write


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When I got serious about writing, I hung a “Do Not Disturb — Writer at Work” sign from my door handle, sat at my small, antique desk in the corner of my bedroom, and wrote — a solitary endeavor. After months of drafting every day for a few hours, I had a completed manuscript.

Whoa! I finished it!

But no one knew I was writing so when it came time to celebrate, I didn’t know anyone who would understand what I had gone through.

I asked friends if they would read my manuscript. But most of them weren’t readers, were too busy, and/or didn’t seem to care. I hadn’t known about beta readers at the time. Here I was with a finished draft and no one to share it with.

So, I threw myself a pity party with two boxes: one filled with tissues and the other with chocolates.

I didn’t stay at that party for long: too many chocolates can cause a stomachache on top of the heartache. Thus, rising out from under the mound of tissues, I wiped the chocolate from my face and came up with a plan.

The actions I took organically evolved over time. Each writer’s journey is different and there isn’t a clear path. However, in sharing my story, I hope you find help shaping your own writing career. (And I hope you’ll never have to suffer a pity party.)

This is what I recommend:

  1. Connect on Twitter with the bustling writing community
  2. Join writing organizations and start reaching out to other writers
  3. Enter writing contests and engage with other applicants on social media
  4. Build up your Instagram with writing buddies, authors, and readers
  5. Find critique partners and beta readers
  6. Celebrate authors by reading their books, reviewing their works, and congratulating them
  7. Encourage and celebrate writers on their way to milestones and when they reach them
  8. Set up a blog to share your experience
  9. Create a website to feature what you’re working on
  10. Hire an author coach to work on your mindset
  11. Partner with bloggers to guest blog on the topic of books, including author interviews and book reviews
  12. Walk away from bad energy and toxic relationships. This is huge. I realized when I surrounded myself with good energy and positive people that I began reaching my goals.

And here are some helpful links:

Writing Communities:




Writing Mentorships:

Author Mentor Match

Pitch Wars

Beta Readers and Critique Partners:


Writing Organizations:

Women’s Fiction Writers Association

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators

Author’s Guild

Website/Blog Platform:

Word Press

Writing Contests:

James Jones First Novel Fellowship

First Pages Prize

Readers’ Favorite

If your passion is writing — find people who get it. Don’t try to go at your dreams alone. There are people who will support you (who you can also support), who do understand; find them and don’t let them go.

Annie Cathryn is a writer, blogger, marketer, and book influencer. She is in the process of publishing her debut novel. As the host of IGTV’s Soulful Series Video Chats, Annie features award-winning and bestselling authors who have written a memoir, anthology, or nonfiction motivational book. She lives outside of Chicago with her husband and daughter.




Annie Cathryn
Moms Don’t Have Time to Write

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