Need a Mother’s Day Gift — ASAP!

Okay, fine. I left this until the last minute. But here’s what I’m thinking about for my mom this year. (Mom, don’t look!)


Bib necklace from Amazon ($14.90)

Golf outfit from J. McLaughlin. Green sleeveless polo ($148) and Palm Spring skort ($168)

Cute top from J. McLaughlin, $168

Heart jammies. Shorts and top from Roberta Roller Rabbit, $98

A great book. Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life on by Delia Ephron ($26.68)

Sunglass readers from Caddis ($163). Genuis! Now she can read in the sun.

Goodies. Milk Bar sampler ($55)

Hope these suggestions help. If you’re super grateful and needed these too, let me know in the comments!


(Note: there are some commission-based links in this round-up.)



Zibby Owens
Moms Don’t Have Time to Write

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