Introducing Moms in Tech

Linda Xiong
Sep 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Moms in Tech is a community organization of over 3000 women. Our main space is a Facebook Group for mothers who are also tech professionals to connect and support one another. Our group started as a small handful of women from Silicon Valley. Within a few months, we grew to a community of thousands from all over the world.

Let’s be real here — being a mom is tough, working in tech as a woman is tough, and the two together are a very special kind of tough. The explosive growth of this group reflects how much we’ve been missing such a space.

As part of our effort, we’re introducing Moms in Tech to everyone through sharing our experiences and learnings on Medium. We hope our stories will bring moments of solace and humor, and that they will be useful to all people in tech, including those that build programs, create policies and shape our workplaces culture to be more supportive of women and parents.

We needed this group.

Being a mom in tech is often very lonely. We’re surrounded by people who don’t understand or even see our struggles. This really hit home one day when a new member posted, “YOU DO EXIST!” She was the only mother in her 250-person company. Tech is male-dominated and skews younger; moms are a minority. For this reason, our group is a place to connect, network, make friends, and share moments that only other moms in tech can understand.

My favorite moment happened just a couple of months after we started. Exhausted from a long week at work, I looked helplessly around my living room; it looked like a toy store had thrown up. I snapped a quick photo and posted it, hoping for some sympathy. Within minutes, a dozen other moms shared photos of their crazy messy living rooms too. After seeing that, I thought, “I am normal. We are normal. We are ok.” The group is such an amazing place of positivity and support.

I am normal. We are normal. We are ok.

This group opens up new opportunities to connect and meet people. For example, one member shared that there were no senior women in the leadership of her company. This really made her doubt her own career ambitions. After being part of this group, seeing many entrepreneurs and C-level moms, it gives her another level of inspiration and access to role models that were missing at her workplace. Additionally, creating real connections and meeting in person is an important part of this group. There are always threads popping up like “Anyone else from NYC?” or “Any moms in Seattle want to do a play date?”

In the group, we are safe to share our real problems. Moms are constantly looking for tips on how to do a little more for our families and our work. For example, just this week, a new mom sought advice on how to transition back after parental leave and juggle pumping at the workplace. A pregnant mom-to-be shared concerns and asked for advice when she saw her manager putting her on the “mommy-track.” Her products was slowly being given away months before she was scheduled to start maternity leave. Each time someone asks for help, others in the community rally around them with positivity, empathy, and, best of all, practical tips to address their concerns.

This community is possible because of the women who have joined. We bring our stories, our humor, and our adorable kid photos. The group is an invaluable source of collective wisdom and advice from so many moms who are on this path.

We created this publication to capture that wisdom and share it with even more people.

So welcome in sharing our stories. We’re really glad you’re here. Enjoy!

You can follow our page on Facebook or join our group, Moms in Tech

Linda Xiong

Written by

Product Manager on Facebook Groups. Community builder in Moms in Tech

Moms in Tech

Moms in Tech is a community organization of 7000 women and growing. These are the notes from the intersection of motherhood and tech.

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