MNZ Token Sale Start Date Change:

Friday 10th November @12 pm GMT

As many of you know, we will be the first organisation in the world to conduct a completely decentralised ICO. For this reason, all eyes will be on us. We must live up to expectations and prove that we are able to innovate in a way that constantly gives us the upper hand.

Along with our partners at Komodo Platform, we have decided to push the official date of the token sale to Friday 10th November. The extra time will allow the Komodo team to properly test the Monaize dICO app as they wish to run various stress tests that take time to perform and debug.

It also allows time for Monaize support staff to get properly familiarised with BarterDEX, atomic swaps, and the SPV wallet.

In the 2 weeks since we officially announced the MNZ token sale, we have already gathered a large following of supporters. This has allowed us to recruit MNZ enthusiasts into the team to help with the running and marketing of the ICO.

In the coming weeks, we will use the resources at our disposal to get the message out to a much wider audience through paid media, compelling content and an enormous amount of social media activity, giving the MNZ token sale every chance of success!

We thank our loyal supporters for their understanding.