Monday Morning
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Monday Morning

Laziness is harder than discipline

Shit start happening when you let go of, I HAVE TO. You don’t have to. You choose whether you will do something, or you don’t.

You choose whether you will brush your teeth twice a day, regardless of how annoying it is. But not taking care of your teeth is even harder, it will cause pain, it is uncomfortable and fixing it will cost a shit ton of money.

You choose whether you live a healthy lifestyle or not, regardless of whether it can sometimes be difficult. But not living a healthy lifestyle is even harder, with lack of energy and stamina, and different health problems.

You choose whether you spend your life in working towards your dreams and reaching them. But not working towards your goals will always leave you wondering why I didn’t try at least.

Funny enough, it is hard being lazy rather than being disciplined. Although today it may be easier to choose lazy over discipline, long term you will wish you hade chosen discipline over lazy.

Of course, we all have moments when we don’t feel like doing something. That is fine. Don’t. As long as majority of the time you are disciplined, there is nothing wrong with not being disciplined from time to time. In fact, take days not to be disciplined. We all need those days on a regular basis.



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