21st-Century Racism in South Africa

Systemic change in South Africa is at a critical tipping point.

What SA needs more than ever are robust and ethical leaders to change its trajectory and (once again) combat heavy stigmas that surround the country’s majority population.

It seems that post-apartheid events in South Africa have engendered a new kind of pessimistic racism:

‘Not “black people”, but “this generation” of South Africans are incapable of running a country. They are corrupt. They are lazy. Political structures have removed incentive for people to work hard. The education system is screwed, anyway. South Africa is doomed!’

Present day racism in South Africa is cloaked in this apocalyptic belief that failure is now endemic condemning South Africa to this unescapable demise despite the fact that South Africa is only 22 years old. Of course the system is failing — this is apartheid’s legacy.


Born out of a unique aptitude for resilience, a “renaissance” of sorts is emerging all over the continent.

Unprecedented artistry, groundbreaking innovation and creativity are being born out of struggle in Africa — it is these small microcosms that will form the basis for a new, less-polarized and more inclusive society that respects both people and planet.