Developing Yourself, Sustainably

The topic of sustainable development is pinned to countries progressing for future generations.

It’s a goal that developed societies strive for. But if we develop our societies sustainably, shouldn’t we be developing ourselves sustainably?

Socrates believed society and the soul are one in the same. Progressing ourselves to a sustainable lifestyle should be — and is — in our best interest.

What would this look like in practice? Sure, you could be more observant on what items you’re purchasing, the food you’re eating, what you’re doing with your waste. But more importantly, it’s a mindset. Right now ask yourself: how are you treating your body? What’s your mental state? Is the way you’re going through your day sustainable throughout your life?

Your answers to these questions can be an indicator to your own personal development. Take a minute to evaluate your lifestyle and personal growth — and challenge yourself to develop sustainably.

Contributed by: International Development Intern, Katrina L.