Fair and sustainable e-Commerce — the Mondo Community Coin

The first decentralized e-Commerce token Made in Germany

Albert Hild
Mondo Community Coin
3 min readMay 4, 2021


Our mission is to give companies of all sizes online coverage and sales opportunities that were previously reserved for a few global player.

We apply the digital potential of innovative blockchain technology to one of the largest growth markets worldwide. Driven by progressive and fair action by the operators and a sustainable global community.

The overall target is to build a decentralized e-Commerce platform, which is transparent, fair and sustainable for all participants.

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Standard ERC20-Token, with progressive Vesting extension (0,5% per month x 20 months, 10% x 9 months) build into the token.

Total token supply 180.000.000, fixed.

Private sale

We launched on 01. January of 2021 with private sales activities. Approx. 97m sold or credited through Airdrop on a private Ethereum network.

Start of transfer to public Ethereum network will begin 01. of May 2021.

If you want to have more information about how to obtain the token, visit our website or join our Telegram group.


The project was started by BCI Business Community International GmbH with the entrepreneurs:

  • Thomas Grabbe has an extensive experience of 25 years in the retail and e-Commerce business. In his career he created and managed branches of jewelry stores.
  • Werner Wildberger is a successful international entrepreneur with more than 50 years of creating and founding profitable companies around the world. He spend many years in international enterprises, in areas such as real estate, retail, tourism, digital advertising and e-Commerce.
  • Michael Link is a strong sales and marketing manager from the automobile industry with experience in network marketing.
  • Dieter Fischer is an entrepreneur and has build a successful chain of car dealerships and has a strong relation to finance and accounting. Also he create a software program for accounting for his car dealership back in the 80's.

Company Group

  • BCI Business Community International GmbH — This is the holding company for all sub companies, all companies below are 100% owned by the BCI Business Community International.
  • BCI Business Community Marketing & Sales GmbH — Sales Operation for all products and services of the group.
  • Mondo Blockchain GmbH — Issuer of the Mondo Community Coin & operator of Mondo Shopping, also technical development of all token projects within the group.
  • Mondo Gate AG — Next Level Banking for traditional and new values
  • Mondo Green GmbH — “tokenized security” for Sustainability with upcoming STO
  • Avantage GmbH — Agency for visibility, PR and advertising

Mondo Blockchain

The Mondo Blockchain GmbH, owned to 100% by the BCI Business Community International GmbH and lead by me:

  • Albert Hild, CEO — I’m a serial entrepreneur in the IT business with deep technology knowhow. Back in 1999 i started with developing websites and portals of different kinds, through the years i founded web agencies and e-Commerce businesses and so on. In 2015 i discovered and fell in love with Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology. In 2016 i started with Bitcoin mining and 2017 with a professional Ethereum mining farm in North Sweden.
    Since January 2021 i’m on board in the Mondo team and happy to be a leading part of the BCI group.

The organization is always looking and is very interested to acquire more representatives all around the globe — feel free to apply!

On Medium we’ll frequently supply you with as much detailed information about our business as possible. Meanwhile feel free to join our Telegram group https://t.me/joinchat/2CNjjrZ6_8IxYzRi, we’re happy to answer all of your questions!