Are there are good books if you are learning to make art?

Short answer
No, a book about tennis will work just as well.

Long answer
There are many good books about the different crafts in art, but none about how to make good art. Books about sports, on the other hand, contain veritable gold nuggets, tips that you can apply to art. For instance: Let the ball do the job instead of rushing around the court — Take advantage of the material you are working with, savor its qualities instead of forcing your own notions upon it, such that it will always resist you, and remember never to train and compete at the same time. Avoid making art all the time. Allow yourself ample time to really investigate and explore things. And looking at Björn Borg’s personality, for example, it is obvious that it would have served him splendidly as an artist too.

Question # 109 from “What is art” (must buy) by Ernst Billgren

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