How to have a ‘meaningful’ conversation?

Short answer
Ask 3 “why” in a row. Genuine “why”.

Long answer
In any conversation, if you genuinely ask 3 “why”s in a row, you will actually get to the core of the topic. The first “why” will give the most obvious answer which everybody knows. The second “why” can go back to the first statement itself. So be very careful while phrasing the second “why”. The third “why” is the most crucial and this is where things can go wrong. If the third “why” if not directed well, it will back fire and you might make a fool of your self or annoy people. So the third “why” has to be in the right direction. To give you an example:

Friend: Yesterday I had lot of alcohol.

You: Why? you seem to be partying all round the week :)

Friend: Dude, my room mate is going to Berlin. So it was his send-off.

You: Why did you have alcohol then?

Friend: To celebrate. What kind of a question is this? Alcohol is the ultimate way to party. It’s a form of switching off all your worries and just relax.

You: Why do you think you need to switch off your worries when you celebrate?

Now this is where conversation actually starts. Try it!

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