Quantity or quality?

Short answer
Depends on your role play.

Long answer
Whenever a person start to create something, it is always for him/her self. For eg. Steve Jobs wanted a good phone, Elon Musk wants to escape earth. When a person starts with himself, he or she has an obsession to make it as best as possible; there by defining quality. As soon as the definition of “I” changes for oneself to his religion, caste, sect or any other institution the consciousness expands. Then it no longer remains for himself and tries to address a bigger audience; at this time quality declines but quantity take precedence. Going even further when the person thinks, “I” am the society or “I” am the civilisation then the hacks he or she puts into the system, totally collapses the quality and results in pure quantity — How far or how deep I can reach. It is very important to understand what role you play in the given time and space.

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