What is Arundhati Darshan Nyaya?

Short answer
Inferring unknown from that which is known. Something similar to Julie Zhuo’s North star.

Long answer
Arundhati is the wife of Sage Vasishta, and, is revered as the epitome of ‘chastity and wifely devotion’; which means “ideal” wife. Arundhati star is very faintly visible, therefore, this star is shown in steps, first showing the brighter stars, and then, relative to that, the Arundhati star is directed. Inferring unknown from that which is known is referred as ‘Arundhati darshana nyaya’ in Sanskrit.

I see a strong connect between MVP to beta launch which in this case is guiding from what is known to the unknown or something which is ideal. Arundhati is the ultimate goal (ideal product) but to get everyone on the same page about what the idea is and why it’s exciting, you have to chalk a path. I rephrased the acronym MVP to Minimum Visible Path. When you are building a product, start with what is know and walk that path. By the time to reach an intermediate destination, the next path will be visible. You keep walking till you reach Arundhati.

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