When you ask for advice you always get different answers. Who should you believe?

Short answer
All of them.

Long answer
Art is full of lies and conjecture. its present status is comparable to, say, medicine in the thirteenth century. Very few facts, and whole lot of opinions and guesswork. In those days, walnuts were considered to be effective against headaches, because they look like a small brain. Nowadays, people prefer to take an aspirin. “The road is the goal” and “Less is more” are examples of typical Orwellian lies. Less is, of course, less, and more is more. Listen to everyone’s answer, but check if they are accurate. Most of them can be checked with simple experiments. In school, a teacher once told us that you have to draw “with feeling”. Instead of accepting her idea, I proceeded to draw one picture “with feeling” and one without “feeling”, and asked people to identify which one was drawn with feeling. I even asked others to repeat my experiment. It turned out that no one could see the difference. If it is all that important, it not seem to be something you can influence, and so it is meaningless to say or think so.

Question # 74 from “What is art” (must buy) by Ernst Billgren

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