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Beta Test & Arena Champion League Only For NFT Holders

To show gratitude to Mones NFT holders who have been trusting and supporting the project from the very beginning, we are pleased to bring a Private Beta Test experience exclusively for Mones NFT Holders. 🙏

In this game testing event, we also held the Arena Champion League with a total prize pool of $2,000.

⚔️ Mones Beta Game

  • Mones beta game is an off-chain version that runs on Android devices and Android emulators on PC (Nox Player, LD Player, Bluestack, etc.)
  • Compared to the Alpha Game released on March 25, 2022, with only Adventure Mode, the Beta version has been updated with 3 more game modes: Twin Tower, Dungeon, and especially Arena. ⚔️
  • The Beta version is designed to help users experience the characters, items, and game modes that will appear in the mainnet, not to illustrate the play-to-earn mechanics and game economy. Therefore, the factors related to game economy balance in the beta game (the amount of $NES tokens awarded, heroes, and equipment rewards at the levels) will not reflect the play-to-earn mechanics and game economy on the Testnet and Mainnet versions.

🏆 Arena Champion League

Players compete fairly against each other in Arena mode (PvP) to win the top 10 positions on Top Rank in Arena.

$2,000 prize pool for top 10 players on Arena leaderboard.

🥇Top 1–5: $250 cash/each & 5,000 MSS

🥈Top 6–10: $150 cash/each & 3,000 MSS

📅 Start at: 13:00 UTC April 23, 2022

📅 End at: 13:00 UTC May 10, 2022

Final results will be recorded at 13:00 UTC on May 10, 2022.

📌How to Join Beta Game?

  • First of all, to be able to participate in Beta game testing and Arena Champion League, you must be a Mones NFT Holder.
  • Your NFT must be held in an AVAX NFT wallet and is not currently listed for sale on the Mones Marketplace.
  • In case non-NFT holders get the Beta Test download file and get a high rank on Arena’s leaderboard, the results will not be recognized.

If you haven’t own a Mones NFT yet, grab yourself one at

Join the Mones server on Discord and verify your NFTs at channel

#⚔️ |nft-verify!

  • After successful verification, you will be automatically added to the channel #👑!herowner-chat.
  • Here, you will receive a link to download the Beta version at 13:00 UTC April 23, 2022.
  • Create an account with the same name as your Discord display name.

We will rely on this account name to award the Arena Champion League award, so please note the correct account name.

  • After that, you can start enjoying the game!
  • Team Mones will add the same heroes to the accounts created:

All Hero B 3*

All Hero A 3*

1 hero R 4* (will be added on May 1st)

1 hero SR 5* (will be added on May 1st)

*** Last Updated: April 24 15:00 UTC

Should you have any questions or issues, speak up on the#👑!herowner-chat channel.

Finally, leave us feedback here!

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

💛 Join us & become a Monesian

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