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From Play-to-Earn to Play — Own — Earn and Updated Roadmap

Change or die! We learned the lesson after having skin in the game as a BUIDLER that closely follows the ups and downs in the blockchain industry.

In this article, we would like to officially share with you a big shift in the development model of Mones from Play-to-Earn to Play-Own-Earn.

A business is successful when it succeeds in delivering value to the people who are looking for that value.

With the model shift from Play-to-Earn to Play-Own-Earn, we are simultaneously shifting two things: the value that Mones provides, and the people who are looking for that value from Mones. What never shifts is our long-term vision for Mones and our mission to bring NFT Gaming to the masses.

What exactly is Play — Own — Earn?

As a representative of the new generation of NFT Games, Mones approaches users and the market with a completely new Play-Own-Earn model, replacing the old Play-to-Earn.

In the Play-Own-Earn model, the focus is on PLAY. Game publishers focus on building exciting gaming experiences, retaining user communities, and encouraging users to reinvest in games to enjoy more great features.

When players derive entertainment value from the game and decide to contribute and reinvest in the game, publishers reduce the pressure to reward players, thus, the game economy and the game lifecycle become more sustainable.


With a heavy focus on EARN value, game publishers of the Play-to-Earn model attract players by promising high ROI and earning potential without caring about gameplay and player experience.

However, this is an extremely short-term and fragile value as the P2E incentive is a zero-sum game where someone takes profits, someone loses money. Not to mention the inflation of tokens and NFTs that almost every P2E game on the market is struggling to control, even Axie Infinity. When players come to the game for profit but don’t love and enjoy it, they will leave as soon as they can no longer earn. Therefore, the retention rate of these games is often low, players leave as soon as they have recovered their investment and made a profit, putting pressure on the game economy, and making the game economy easy to break.

With the Play-Own-Earn model, our first priority is the PLAY factor. Our biggest goal is to bring true excitement and enjoyment to our players.

Excitement, enjoyment, and a healthy community are long-term and engaging values for users.

Remembering our childhood legendary games from Final Fantasy, Half-life, Audition, League of Legends, to Lines, Candy Crush Saga, we don’t expect to “earn” any profit from them, but they’re still game products we keep coming back to over the years. Even in the NFT gaming industry, we have seen the success of play-own-earn model games like Mir4, Splinterlands, and Thetan Arena in retaining users thanks to engaging gameplay. Attracting and retaining users by giving them the pleasure they are looking for is exactly what we do.

With a foundation built on an MMORPG with millions of downloads on both Google Play and Apple Store, Mones provides exciting entertainment for players with top-notch 3D graphics, 8 strategic game modes, and a community experience with guild features. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the gameplay through the game tests so Mones is confident that our game can bring players a great gaming experience.

From P2E Gamers to Mass Gamers

P2E is holding back NFT Gaming in a small market. From the very beginning, we believed in the potential of NFT gaming and worked on our mission to promote NFT Gaming’s mass adoption to the masses of players.

Worldwide, the gaming market was valued at USD 198.40 billion in 2021, almost 263 times compared to the P2E gaming market valued at USD 755 million in 2021.

That nearly $200 billion gaming market is made up of hundreds of millions of people who don’t give a sh*t about what tokens, NFTs, and play-to-earn. They simply found the game they liked, fell in love with it, and paid for it. They even pay to win or pay to get fame.

What happens when these gamers, in their gaming journey for fun, discover that the game they’re playing allows them to have full ownership of the valuable heroes and equipment they’ve painstakingly spent time and money to own? Yes, to OWN is a value that sets NFT games apart from traditional gaming and will be a competitive advantage to help this game segment grow in market share.

In a traditional game, all assets are owned by the game publisher and you don’t have the actual ownership and decision on what to do with them. Once the game is closed or an error occurs, all high-rank heroes and equipment you have acquired will be gone.

In NFT games, thanks to NFT technology, players now have complete ownership of the main in-game assets in which they have invested money and effort and they can do whatever they like with their assets. For example, as a Mones player, you have full ownership of the NFTs including heroes and equipment. You can use them as game characters and items, transfer them to others, or sell them on the Mones Marketplace.

That’s exactly the way we want to lead hundreds of thousands to millions of traditional gamers to access NFT gaming. You stumbled across Mones on Google Play. You say to yourself: “Not bad, the game graphics look good.” You download the game to try it out, be captivated by the gameplay, and win the characters, items, and tokens in the game. Then you learn that you can completely sell your tokens and game characters for money, the rarer the item, the more valuable it is. Would you like to try doing that? If not, that’s perfectly fine, keep having fun and don’t mind it. If so, congratulations on transforming yourself into one of NFT Gaming’s early adopters.

EARN is Still a Part of the Play-Own-Earn Model

When participating in the Mones ecosystem, you also have the opportunity to earn profits in many different ways.

  • Win $MONES tokens from the Arena leaderboard. Every season, Arena has a pool that rewards $MONES tokens for gamers who make it to the leaderboard. This is a valuable reward that you can earn from the game.
  • Craft high-level equipment and sell it on Mones Marketplace
  • Upgrade your heroes and sell them on Mones Marketplace

From a Hard-to-Access to An Intuitive Gaming Experience

Approaching P2E gaming is quite a difficult experience for newcomers. Imagine you know nothing about NFT games and happen to play a P2E game that offers a free-to-play mode. You start playing with mediocre free characters and items. At some point, you will get stuck. You need more than that to be able to upgrade characters, unlock levels or get on the leaderboard.

If the game is really good, you’re ready to pay-to-win. However, getting pay-to-win is not that simple.

You have to create a Metamask wallet, learn how to save your private key, know how to switch networks, find contracts to buy tokens, buy items, and then deposit them into the game. It is a long and tiring process that makes you lose interest in conquering the game.

To bring entertainment value and an intuitive game experience to the target audience of traditional gamers, Mones game design team made the bold decision to keep the in-app summons of characters and items. With this feature, players can buy chests to summon heroes and equipment via in-app purchase without having to participate in INO or buy and sell on Mones Marketplace. In-app purchase is intuitive for us as gamers. They won’t need to give a sh*t about the blockchain stuff until they have a big enough incentive to withdraw the good characters, awesome items, and tokens they earn.

Update Roadmap

To accommodate the above model shift, we also made a few adjustments to the project’s Roadmap.

In it, a few important adjustments are as follows:

  • Mones Testnet V2.0: Compared to Testnet 1.0 released on May 27, 2022, Testnet 2.0 will be updated with an in-game summon feature that will be available in the mainnet.
  • Listing on Apple Store and Google Play Store: Yes, Mones mainnet will be listed on Apple Store and Google Play Store. Please look forward to us!

In the next article, we will discuss in more detail another important Mones change, the token model. For now, you can learn more about Mones tokenomics here

See you soon!


About Mones

Mones is a new generation MMORPG game on the BNB chain where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy called Play-Own-Earn.

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