Hieu: “We’re welcoming the 3rd generation of NFT games”

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“We're welcoming the 3rd generation of NFT games.” (Hieu, CEO at Xantus)

Talk with Mones includes interviews with team members and advisors of Mones in which we transparently share the vision, plan and thoughts about Mones with the community.

In this article, we will speak with Hieu, Mones’ advisor and CEO at Xantus, the Mones developer.

Hieu is a successful serial entrepreneur in the e-commerce, digital, and affiliate marketing industries. He is the founder of PingGo, Vietnam’s first social commerce platform, and the Vice President of AdFlex, Southeast Asia’s leading affiliate marketing platform. Hieu has been involved in the cryptocurrency market since 2016, and he is an early investor in a number of popular crypto projects.

Please introduce yourself and your role in the Mones project!

Hieu: Hi, my name is Hieu, and I’m the Founder/CEO of Xantus, a blockchain startup focused on GameFi market development solutions. Prior to that, I worked on developing and operating ecommerce and marketing platforms. I am the Vice President of AdFlex, Southeast Asia’s leading Affiliate Platform, and the founder of PingGo.vn, Vietnam’s first social commerce platform. Currently, I serve as a Mones advisor and primary consultant in the fields of tokenomics, game economy, and user growth.

How do you evaluate the current NFT gaming market?

Hieu: When P2E is no longer a novelty, players and investors, including myself, are becoming more selective when it comes to investing money in new NFT gaming projects.

This market is gradually evolving. Even though those projects were once at the pinnacle of their glory in the early days of P2E, there is a silent purge of projects that are no longer competitive.

According to a Nansen report that the Xantus team researched, the NFT gaming evolution from a new industry to mass adoption includes four stages, which correspond to four generations of NFT games.

Adoption S-curve for NFT games (Source: Nansen)

In phase one (2017–2019) with the most representative being CryptoKitties, NFTs are used for the sole function of collectibles.

From 2019 to the present, the play-to-earn model pushes the second generation of NFT gaming one step further. NFTs are used in the game with gameplay and game economy to allow players to earn money while playing. Axie Infinity serves as the most prominent example of this generation.

The majority of game projects on the market today are in this second generation. The second generation of NFT games, on the other hand, is gradually fading to make way for the third generation. We’re welcoming the third generation of NFT games, which will provide “a more refined gaming experience, leveraging the strengths of play-to-earn combined with better game design/graphics that would align it with lower-budget AAA games.” (Nansen)

After the NFT gaming market has grown relatively large due to the participation of third generation NFT game projects, the traditional game industry’s big players will begin to enter the market, ushering in the fourth generation of NFT games.

What opportunities and challenges are there for Mones?

With features like appealing gameplay, stunning graphics, and a robust game economy, I am confident that Mones will be one of the projects that comprise the first wave of NFT Gaming 3.0.

Mones is the blockchain equivalent of a popular game developed by Neoul Entertainment, Korea’s leading game studio. Mones’ attractiveness has resulted in over 5 million downloads, generating significant revenue for Neoul Entertainment in the Korean market as well as Asian countries such as Japan and China.

We improved the user experience to make games more accessible in this blockchain release, and we used the play-to-earn model to disrupt the game economy. Mones’ game economy is based on the player-driven model, with the user at the center of the creation and operation of the economy. This article will teach you more about Mones’ player-driven economy.

The problem of balancing game economy is also one of the challenges that the team must overcome in order to ensure the project’s long-term viability and development. That is why, in addition to designing a computationally balanced game economy, we also take risk mitigation measures. One of them is the fact that we create a variety of currencies in the game with which we can easily adjust and rebalance the game economy without affecting the main in-game token.

What is your vision for Mones?

The goal of the Xantus GameFi ecosystem is to reach 1 million users in 2022. In 2022 and 2023, Mones will be one of the key products of Xantus with the role of building a loyal user base in the mid to high segment for our GameFi ecosystem.

I hope Mones will become the pioneer game in phase 3 of the industry, achieve millions of MAUs and help bring the NFT gaming industry to mass adoption.

To realize that dream, I personally spend a lot of time developing and mentoring the project. I also use my network to find top advisors with many years of experience in the crypto industry to advise on tokenomics, game economy, and strategies to grow users.

What do you think will make Mones successful?

There are many reasons why we believe in Mones, but the most important is the amazing squad we have. Mones team brings together members who have experience developing and mentoring NFT game projects since the second generation. Through the hardships of the industry’s infancy, failures, lessons and successes, we have firmly grasped the success formula of second-generation NFTs. However, we never stop there. Each member of the rhyme team is seriously researching, learning, and experimenting every day to find new formulas for success in a constantly evolving market like this.

That is something that Xantus is very proud of.

Share one thing that you would like to say to future investors/users of Mones.

Our motto is “Community First.” Every day, the Xantus and Mones teams work hard to maintain a transparent dialogue and involve users in the development of our projects. I hope Monesians will recognize our sincerity, support the project, and contribute to its growth with their feedback.

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