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How Callmedaddy Won Top 2 Arena Championship

As promised, we reached out to the top winners of the Arena Championship at Testnet V1.0 and interviewed their secrets.

Today’s article will be the sharing of Callmedaddy, Top 2 Arena Championship Testnet V1.0.

Q: Hi Callmedaddy, please introduce yourself!

I have known and joined the crypto market since 2018.

As soon as the NFT game trend emerged in early 2020, I was very interested and followed some outstanding game projects.

I love games and previously worked in game production so I greatly appreciate the gameplay of Mones and believe that Mones will win the love of hundreds of thousands of players. I feel so happy to have found the game.

Q: Do you enjoy Mones now that you’ve experienced Testnet V1.0?

Mones is a good game with nice graphics, a well-thought-out and systematic character system, and items. The highly tactical aspect of Mones reminds me of MOBAs and card games, both of which I’ve played a lot in the past. Mones is an excellent match for my personality.

Q: Now for the most important part, please share with interested players the secrets to help you rise to the Top 2 position!

  1. Create as many clone game accounts to test different strategies and derive the best strategy for the main account.
  2. Read up on the skill sets of the heroes and evaluate whether they will work well together in Arena and Adventure.
  3. Regarding the lineup, I chose a troop whose members are all AOE Damage Dealers: Harpy, Ella, Watt, Biskuit, and Nuwa. Short for Area of Effect, AoE is a spell type found in RPG games that affect a wide area on the ground where everything within that area takes damage/healing. AoE can also be a direct attack/heal on multiple targets surrounding the player casting it. With this formation, 2 tankers, Nuwa and Biskuit, both have shields that reflect damage. With this formation, 2 tankers, Nuwa and Biskuit, both have shields that reflect damage and can heal, so they can stay in fight for an extended period of time. With two such tough tankers in the front, the 3 damage dealers in the back, Harpy, Ella, and Watt just need to use skills to deal a lot of damage. In my troop, only Harpy is an A-rank hero. However, this is a hero I use a lot because she has the ultimate skill that gathers all enemies in one place to help allies deal massive damage to the entire opponent troop.
  4. Every 2 hours, I set a reminder to go to the Arena to take advantage of recharged Daggers. I don’t want to waste an opportunity to win a more matchmaking rate.
  5. I use NES very sparingly as it's the main resourcen, so on purpose, I don’t focus too much on upgrading the hero because it costs too much NES. (Please note that on Testnet V2.0, $MONES has replaced NES as the most important currency in the game on some of the main features). However, that is because, in Testnet V1.0, players can only own a limited amount of NES, so they cannot deposit in the game. I think after the mainnet launch and the $MONES token is listed, pay-to-win players will invest $MONES in upgrading heroes and equipment to gain a competitive edge.
  6. I saved my NES and spent the last hours of the season picking my opponent and getting the highest score possible by the time the season ended.

Thank you so much Callmedaddy, I wish you will still hold your place at Arena Championship Testnet V2.0 even after sharing the secret to winning! You’re too generous a person!

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