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Liam: “NFT games must have a stable economy to survive in this market.”

Talk with Mones includes interviews with team members and advisors of Mones in which we transparently share the vision, plan, and thoughts about Mones with the community.

In this article, we will speak with Liam, Mones’ CTO.

Liam has years of experience working as a technical lead, specializing in data platforms. He is the trusted and admirable leader of the Mones engineering team.

Please introduce yourself and your role in the Mones project!

Now I work as Chief Technology Officer of Mones. I aim to bring the best play-to-earn experience to the end-user and to elevate the performance of my engineering and product teams.

The reason why I joined Mones is so simple. I’m passionate about products and blockchain, and I believe we can achieve a lot with our current team and deliver a comprehensive product to users.

How do you evaluate the current NFT gaming market?

Play-to-earn 2.0 is on the decline, with the majority of gameplay based on click-to-earn mechanics and a game economy that is susceptible to both inflation and collapse. Because the NFTGaming market is now so competitive, every game must have more appealing gameplay and a more stable economic model in order to succeed.

What opportunities and challenges are there for Mones?

From my point of view, there are some challenges that Mones’ team must address.

First, it’s the downward trend in the cryptocurrency market and NFT Gaming.

As you can see, the majority of NFT game market users come to the game to make money. However, when the bear market hits, users find it difficult to profit from NFT games and stop investing and playing. Only a small percentage of games with enticing gameplay and a long-term economic model can continue to attract players, generate revenue, and distribute profits to their players even when market conditions are less than ideal.

NFT games are not a passing fad; they are the way of the future. We must seize this window of opportunity to lead the way in NFT gaming development while there are few competitors.

As a second consideration, the NFT Gaming market is constantly evolving, necessitating the constant updating of our knowledge in order to remain relevant. In the last six months, a slew of promising NFT games have gone viral, giving users and investors hope for the next Axie Infinity. When the game is released and inflation takes hold, many of these projects fail to reclaim their former glory. We can’t predict the future, so what we can do best is adapt quickly to the market and find the best solution for every situation.

Finally, security is a major challenge in the NFT Gaming space; we saw many games struggle with hacker/cheating users, so we spent a significant amount of time working with our advisor team to design a secure system.

What do you think will make Mones successful?

We have a global team that is innovative and passionate, with experience in both startups and large corporations around the world. Mones has addictive gameplay and a stable economics loop, addressing nearly all of the issues with play-to-earn 2.0. We have the support of top advisors who have extensive experience in blockchain, gaming, and technology.

What obstacles does the team need to overcome?

Mones is the blockchain version of a previously released traditional game. The problem of converting a conventional game into an NFTs game requires meticulous calculations from adjusting features, changing game currency, and balancing the reward and consumption of tokens and NFTs.

Fortunately, we have the support of game developers from Neoul Entertainment, along with a team of experienced game designers. We have designed a Player-driven economy where players create their markets around their trading.

Do you have something to say to future Mones users?

An addictive and leading game of the third generation of NFT gaming that will be a worthy choice for your gaming time investment. Don’t hesitate because it’s free to play.

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

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