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Mones Discornomy — New Income Opportunities For Mones Members

We believe that the community is the most important factor in contributing to the success of a blockchain project, and Mones is no exception.

We believe that the P2E Economy 2.0 platform should not only exist in the game, but also in the community. Therefore, Mones team wants to put forward community driven activities and true supporters and believers.

We would love to introduce Mones Discord Economy where you contribute to Mones community on Discord and collect MONES SOUL STONE ($MSS), with which you can redeem valuable rewards.

Redeemable Rewards

  • 1,500 $MSS — Chicken to play cockfight
  • 3,000 $MSS — Whitelist Ticket To All Events
    Early access to one of upcoming events (new role set, both in-game and out-game events)
  • 8,000 $MSS — Cash Check $10
    Pay in stable coin (USDT/BUSD), once per month available for each user (inventory: unlimited)
  • 20,000 $MSS — Random Magic Equipment
    This is an in-game item (NFT), you will receive a random magic equipment. You will have a better beginning than others. (once per month, inventory: 500)
  • 35,000 $MSS— T-shirt Mones
    A high-quality t-shirt for you. Only for members in US/CA/UK/EU/VN
  • 35,000 $MSS— Random Costume for your Hero
    This is an in-game item, you will receive a random costume for your hero (if available — inventory: unlimited)
  • 50,000 $MSS — Random Village Background
    This is an in-game background, you will receive a random village background. Other gamers will see you in different. Well worth owning. (once per month, inventory: unlimited)
  • 120,000 $MSS — Random Mystery Chest
    This is an in-game hero, you will receive a mystery chest, randomly open a hero, also have chance of opening the highest level hero. (once per user, inventory: 100)
  • 200,000 $MSS — 30' Meeting with all Mones team members
    The entire Mones core team members meet you within 30 minutes to talk about anything you want, what we’re working on, looking forward to, developing, goals, or even difficulties. By your contributions to the community, you can become a part-time/full-time staff of Mones, participate in product development in any position you want.

Different Role Income

With each different role in Mones Discord, you can collect your income daily. Just use command /collect-income in 🤖│bot-commands to make your wallet bigger with more $MSS.

  1. @Mones Alliance : 50 $MSS/day
  2. @Mones Magic : 60 $MSS/day
  3. @Mones Rare : 100 $MSS/2 days
  4. @Mones Hero : 80 $MSS/2 days
  5. @Mones Legend : 50 $MSS/3 days
  6. @Mones Myth : 60 $MSS/3 days
  7. @Mones Immortal : 100 $MSS/3 days

Note: Above are the roles that are automatically awarded and raised gradually, the old roles are not removed, so if you have more than one role, you will be able to claim the full reward for the respective role.

How To Join

First of all, join our Discord server

Then, find the instructions on ACTIVITIES TO EARN on this post.

Have fun!

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

💛 Join us & become a Monesian

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