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Mones INO: Appreciation & Update

Thank you, everyone, for your support of our INO event on Apr 5, 2022. Because of your warm welcome and investment, 1,000 Mystery Chests have been sold, and this is a fantastic source of motivation for our team.

However, we have received some unhappy feedback regarding high gas fees and errors in purchasing, opening, and listing NFTs on Mones Marketplace. We understand your frustration and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Here is the latest update from our dev team

  1. We sincerely regret the failed purchase that occurred during the first five minutes of the Whitelist Round. During the first 5 minutes, we recorded a massive amount of malicious transaction data onto our site, intending to discover a system vulnerability that would allow us to purchase more Mystery Chests than the specified limit (10 chests per wallet). Fortunately, before the INO event, our programming team anticipated and implemented a solution to prevent this attack. The number of transaction requests decreased after the first 5 minutes because the attacker did not achieve his goal, and the buyer could trade usually.
  2. We appreciate your understanding of the high gas fee for purchasing and opening chests. Due to high volume in the first few minutes and Avalanche network congestion, gas fees typically skyrocket after 13:00 UTC. You can confirm this by visiting On other networks, this is unavoidable. Avalanche has a 290 million dollar fund to expand subnets and create a sustainable ecosystem on the plus side. This is also why Mones intends to build on Avalanche in the future as a separate subnet.
  3. Regarding the pending Mystery Chest transaction, we recommend that you check the gas fee at and open chests during off-peak hours or off-peak when gas fees are low.
  4. We’ve received a few complaints about excessive listing fees. We detected the root cause caused by the AVAX network, and the current gas fee is just under 0.02 $AVAX/transaction. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
  5. An issue that confuses users is that NFTs do not show up on the My Listing page after the user has listed. We have tested and reproduced the error case. Rest assured that this is merely a display error; your NFT will not be misplaced or lost. We will fix this error as soon as possible, and we appreciate your patience.
  6. Finally, users also reported the error of automatic log out when the user refreshes the marketplace page. Although this is just a minor error on the website, it affects the user experience. We have completely fixed this bug.
  7. For other suggestions on issues, bugs, and feedback, please create a Ticket on the Discord server so that we can record and fix it as soon as possible.
  8. Again, we are deeply sorry for the unexpected incidents and experiences that occurred during and after the INO event. We are very grateful to you for accompanying Mones and patiently going through difficulties with us. We appreciate all feedback and will work to improve the user experience every day and bring more value to the users.

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

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Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

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