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Mones Marketplace — Trade More, Earn More

Mones Marketplace will officially launch right after the Mones INO event. Earn passive income by referring users and promoting transactions on Mones Marketplace.

What is Mones Marketplace?

Mones Marketplace is a decentralized NFT Marketplace that allows you to exchange and rent all Mones NFT items.

More specifically, this is where you earn passive income by referring users and promoting transactions.

Link to Mones Marketplace:

Key Features

NFT Trading

Sell & buy Mones NFTs at the desired price. Items that you can trade include Heroes, Equipment, and Houses.

Advanced Searching

We make your shopping experience easier by providing a variety of useful filters to cater to all your NFTs search needs.

Bargain (Offer) Feature (Updating)

If you are not willing to buy an NFT at the listed price, do not hesitate to counteroffer to the seller at a more reasonable price. We help you do this with the Offer feature.

View NFT History

View all information and transaction history of any NFT. The information you can view includes:

  • NFT Stats
  • Origin of NFTs
  • Transaction history (buy, sell, offer, breeding)

Affiliate (Updating)

Users will be able to earn trading commissions by referring new users to the Mones Marketplace. This feature will be updated in future versions.

Particularly in this version, we allow minters of MYRIAD Heroes to receive 50% of the trading commission of the Heroes they own. By promoting the trade of their heroes, MYRIAD minters can earn attractive passive income.


  1. When will Mones Marketplace open?

Right after INO Even. Webpage:

2. Can I sell an unopened Mystery Chest on Marketplace, or do I have to open a Hero to trade?

You must open the Mystery Chest, and then you can trade the NFTs on the Mones Marketplace.

3. What is the currency on the Mones Marketplace?

It’s $AVAX for now. After the $MONES and $NES tokens have been launched, we will consider changing the currency on the Mones Marketplace.

4. How much is the transaction fee on Mones Marketplace?

The transaction fee is about 0.0075 AVAX per transaction.

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

💛 Join us & become a Monesian

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