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Arena Reward System

In Mones’ gameplay system, Arena is the most competitive PvP mode and also the only place where players have the opportunity to “earn” reward in $MONES tokens in the game.

In today’s article, we would like to be transparent about the reward Arena mechanism.

This mechanism will take effect from the Mainnet release in Mid-July, 2022.

Details of the Reward system in PvE modes will be posted in the next updates, as well as in the Whitepaper.

Arena Reward Mechanisms

  • Each season, we reward the top 600 top ranked Arena players with $MONES and trophies. The specific reward amount is as shown in the table below.
  • Trophy is a very important in-game currency that helps users to upgrade their Account Skills. Trophies are awarded automatically after the end of the season via the player’s in-game mailbox.
  • $MONES is the governance token of the Mones ecosystem with many use cases both in-game and on-chain. The reward in $MONES will be sent to the BNB Chain wallet addresses that are linked to game accounts of winners in 7 days after a season ends. Shortly, we will add Arena Battle History on Mones website that allow winners to claim their rewards.
  • Each season will last for 2 weeks. After each season, the leaderboard will reset.
  • Note: Arena is the only in-game feature where players get reward in $MONES tokens. In the future, we will update with Arena 2.0 where every user can choose any Hero from the full list of Heroes of the game without having to own it directly to join the match.


How is the leaderboard calculated?

View Arena guide here.

How to climb to the top of the leaderboard?

Get strong before you enter the Arena by

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