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Sunny: “Competing For Market Share In This Bustling Market Is Our Top Problem”

Talk with Mones includes interviews with team members and advisors of Mones in which we transparently share the vision, plan, and thoughts about Mones with the community.

In this article, we will speak with Sunny, Mones’ CMO.

Sunny is known as the “FOMO creator” in the blockchain world with experience developing and advising many blockchain and NFT gaming projects.

Please introduce yourself and your role in the Mones project!

My name is Sunny. As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Mones, I develop marketing strategies, creative ideas and outreach to the community. I earned my Master’s degree in International Marketing Management in the United Kingdom. I have over six years of experience in marketing and business development. My most recent position was as CMO and Growth Hacking Expert at one of Vietnam’s leading IT startups. Naturally, creativity and growth hacking are two of my strong suits.

I stumbled into the crypto market seven years ago when I began investing in a currency recommended by a friend. Since that day, it has completely changed my life in various ways. I eventually became a blockchain project builder and became a member of the Mones team.

We aim to create a world-class NFT ecosystem that provides value and income to our users and investors.

How do you evaluate the current NFT gaming market?

NFT gaming is a massive market with a plethora of opportunities and potential for builders, investors, and gamers. Gamefi 3.0 continues to proliferate, leading the cryptocurrency market, and is expected to become a trend in 2022. However, with every opportunity comes a set of challenges. When a call has this much potential, the competition will be fierce, with many new high-quality NFT game projects appearing every day.

What are the opportunities & challenges for Mones?

Objectively, Mones has a lot going for it when it comes to taking advantage of the GameFi 3.0 wave. First and foremost, Mones has a pre-built off-chain version and a large loyal player base. Second, Mones has a strong team, including a game team from Neoul Entertainment and a blockchain and business team with experience in creating NFT games and a long history in the crypto market. Third, compared to current NFT games, the game has stunning art with a massive character system and unique key game features. As a representative of the new NFT gaming generation, Mones has gone a long way toward laying the groundwork for the widespread adoption of NFT gaming.

However, the project is placed in the fierce context of the NFT game industry. As the competition rate with significant competitors increases, gaining market share will be a problem that the Mones team must solve.

What is your vision for Mones?

I am honored to be a member of the core team that has developed Mones since its inception. Since day one, our team has put a lot of enthusiasm and expectation into the project. Everything from development strategy, marketing strategy, roadmap are meticulously calculated. Mones combines many success factors, including exciting gameplay, high-quality art games, community DAOs, guild features, and a dedicated and experienced team of builders. I believe that Mones’ builder team can realize the dream of becoming one of the leading NFT game projects of the Avax system and leading the wave of gamefi 3.0 in the blockchain market.

What do you think will make Mones successful?

Mones has a outstanding ecosystem with highly tactical RPG gameplay, a marketplace with many appealing features such as listing, auction, and an affiliate, allowing users to create their NFT and DAO governance… In addition, Mones’ player-driven economy is also a competitive advantage for Mones. The economy allows users to earn from all items in the game, something that no gamefi 2.0 project on the market today can do.

While we have a deep understanding of the gamefi market and an extensive network of tier-one investors, we also have a large support network of gamers and developers. Finally, the Mones builder team believes that a clear product development roadmap with an off-chain game will help the project secure a place in the top NFT gaming projects in 2022.

What obstacles does the team need to overcome?

Aside from the competitive advantage and opportunity, the Mones project has challenges that the builder team must overcome. As more high-quality NFT game projects emerge on the market, Mones must have an outstanding product development roadmap and marketing strategy to maintain a competitive advantage. Furthermore, as the gamefi 2.0 wave matured, it became more difficult for both users and VCs/investors to select projects to trust. Mones’ team must demonstrate the project’s capacity and potential to attract users and investors. Besides, it’s how to tokenize a traditional game that already has an extensive global user base and a massive amount of features on the blockchain while maintaining its identity. The team’s biggest challenge is determining the most comprehensive monetization opportunity for players.

Share one thing that you would like to say to future investors/users of Mones

We thank you to the partners, investors and users who have been trusting us from the start. Keep trusting in us, keep trusting in the future of the GameFi 3.0 icon.

About Mones

Mones is a new generation P2E RPG game where you not only enjoy the exciting gameplay, but also connect with other players through social features and earn long-term profits from a player-driven economy.

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