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Thanatos — Let the Animal Out

Freedom, wildness and violence are the keywords to talk about the kingdom and the warriors of Thanatos.

For hundreds of years, Thanatos had been out of the political game between the kingdoms of the continent. The brave and mighty warriors of Thanatos are not afraid of anyone but also do not care about the expansion of power.

History & Geography

Thanatos has thousands of years of peaceful history in the vast steppes and semi-deserts.

In Thanatos, humans and wild animals live and grow and reproduce together, making hybrid human warriors with human intelligence and the superior physical strength of wild animals become specialties of this land.

The indigenous people of Thanatos are brave, wild, liberal, rude and live close to nature. They are such brave and skilled warriors that they can conquer any kingdom if they have the will. However, plundering was not in the nature of the Thanatos because they were endowed with so many resources by the steppes.

In the great war against Hestia and the elves, Thanatos also participated and captured a large territory in the former territory of Hestia. However, the Thanatos thought that there was no place like the vast steppes of their homeland and they did not care about colonial rule, so the Thanatos soldiers withdrew after the battle.

Thanatos Warriors

When looking at the formation of Thanatos warriors, it is not difficult to recognize the outstanding human-beast bloodline.

The hybrid warriors are very diverse in race. King Hart himself was affectionately known as the Sun Lion Hart because of his proud and esteemed lion bloodline. Hart’s cousin, Sirius, known as the moon lion, is also of a half-lion race.

King Hart, the Sun Lion
The Moon Lion Sirius

In addition to the lion hybrid, Thanatos warriors also have diverse hybrid bloodlines such as bird hybrid, cat hybrid, fox hybrid, wolf hybrid, hound hybrid, and more.

Chris has wildcat blood
Warrior Wolf Hound

In addition to the warriors who have the appearance of animals due to biological blood, there are also warriors who take the form of monsters due to the curse. Typical among them are Gargoyle, the keeper of the ancient tower, Medusa Petra and Bamana.

Petra was cursed and transformed into a medusa form.
Gargoyle is cursed to turn into a petrified bat monster during the day.
Bamana is cursed to turn into a reptile monster

In Thanatos, a pair of axes was the common weapon of large and massive warriors such as Hart, Glock, Blake, Sirius and Nemesis.


The ax in Thanatos is forged by monolithic steel with a large weight, requiring people with great physical strength to be able to use it.

Therefore, the fighting style of Thanatos warriors is also quite meaty, inclined to attack and focus on destructive power when striking.

Final Thought

Will the Thanatos warriors get caught up in the battle for The Crystal of Life and lose the inherent peace of the steppe? Discover by participating in the mainnet Mones to be launched in Q2 2022.

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