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Aug 3, 2018 · 6 min read
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Attention Please! We’ve partially stopped our bounty program and would like to thank all the participants who joined our mission to enable decentralized applications on mobile. Please note we stop accepting general reviews but welcome the people who submit such works as expert technical reviews, escalation of valid vulnerability and so on. Learn more!

Recently we’ve also launched the Dev Bounty Program for mobile developers. Learn more!

We at MONET value the community and appreciate how everyone’s efforts amplify the power of the network. A project that develops a decentralized architecture should also nurture a distributed and diverse group of individuals that meaningfully contribute to the project in various ways. That is why we are announcing a Bounty Program, and inviting everyone to join our mission to enable decentralized applications on mobile. We want to spread awareness, get ideas, hear criticisms and unlock the power of the blockchain community.

MONET will allocate up to 0.5% from our overall token supply (5 000 000 bounty tokens) to the bounty program participants.

The Bounty Campaign starts from the moment this post is published, and it lasts till the end of the public Token Sale. Since the precise dates and format of the Token Sale are not yet determined, bounty rewards will be allocated on a rolling basis. We will publish more information in the update to this post on how the bounty payouts will be made. Some details are provided below.

Who can potentially contribute to the bounty program:

  • Mobile developers: we welcome work that would advance the idea of serverless applications powered by Babble and mobile ad hoc blockchains.
  • Blockchain developers: we invite those who can contribute to the code to further evolve the MONET ecosystem.
  • Other developers: we are interested in solutions that enable connecting mobile devices to p2p networks without the use of networks.
  • Blockchain enthusiasts: we are happy to reward creative inputs from those who can make our ecosystem more understandable, and those who can deploy some intellectual power towards exploring the MONET potentials (economic models and use cases).
  • Writers / Bloggers / YouTubers: we are happy to collaborate with people who have established their audiences and can communicate the value proposition of MONET via their respective communication channels.
  • Participants of peer-to-peer economy: though essentially a catch-all category, it allows us to focus on the end-user and reward everyone who can meaningfully contribute to the MONET ecosystem.

Please familiarize yourself with the rules of the program:

1. Quality:

All the rewards will be defined on the ad hoc basis within each category. We will do our best to reward quality work and good effort. Creativity, analysis, thought provoking discussions, constructive criticisms is what we are looking for. Copying and pasting of the basic information is what we are trying to avoid. Please note the breakdown of rewards:

Unsatisfactory quality (copied materials, shallow analysis, misstatements) — no rewards

Satisfactory quality — TENOM tokens up to $50 in value or the ETH equivalent of it.*

Good quality — TENOM tokens up to $250 in value or the ETH equivalent of it.

Great quality — TENOM tokens up to $500 in value or the ETH equivalent of it.

All star quality (deep analysis, insightful conclusions, creative interpretations) — sky is the limit. The reward amount will be decided by the Team on a case-by-case basis.

*ETH rewards are payable right after the end of the private sale, token rewards are payable upon the completion of the public crowdsale and the launch of the mainnet. It’s up to the participant to decide which way to go with the payment.

2. Quality over Quantity:

We reward quality over quantity, so the depth of the analysis and critical thinking trumps regurgitating the information that is already available to the public.

3. Geographic Restrictions:

Note that the citizens, residents, or entities of the USA, Japan and China cannot participate in the program due to the regulatory reasons. We cannot guarantee that changes in regulatory environment would not exclude the persons of other countries from participation.

4. Permissions:

Participation in the Bounty program is permissionless; anyone can submit their inputs and we will evaluate them based on their merit. There is no need to apply to participate; you will only need to submit the result of your work. Please note, that only participants who receive a grade “Satisfactory” and above will be rewarded.

5. Other:

Every bounty participant must be in the telegram group in order to participate. Unallocated tokens will be retained for development of the ecosystem, creation of partnerships and further motivation of the community.

Content Bounty: 40%

At MONET, we celebrate thoughtfulness, independent thinking and creativity. We would like to reward contributors to the Content Bounty up to 40% of the entire Bounty pool. Here are some examples of content:

  • Video reviews
  • Infographics
  • Analysis articles
  • Podcasts featuring the MONET team

Participants will be rewarded based upon the depth of the content and its reach to the relevant audiences. There is no limit to the number of publications that one author can submit. To be eligible to participate, all authors need to submit their applications before the end of the public crowdsale.

You do not need to apply to be eligible to participate. However, you do need to submit your content for evaluation and review HERE:

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Code Campaign: 40%

Code campaign involves both building new solutions using MONET, as well as finding bugs in the existing code.

We will allocate up to 40% of the entire bounty pool to contributors into development of MONET code. The detailed roadmap with highlighted areas of potential contribution can be found here. These are the examples we will award the Code bounty to:

Bug Bounty:

  • Finding and offering resolutions to bugs in the code
  • Identifying security issues and vulnerabilities
  • Conducting code audits

Developer Bounty:

  • Building various DApps to manage the network (explorer, etc.)
  • Building DApps that demonstrate applicability of Babble
  • Proposing and developing integration cases

Bounty participants will have an opportunity to work directly with the team members; discussing, reviewing and building out ideas on top of the MONET Ecosystem.

To participate in this bounty, contribute to our github and SUBMIT THE INFORMATION about your participation HERE:

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Community campaign: 20%

We will award up to 20% of the bounty pool to active participants and evangelists of the MONET community.

Here are the examples of community contributions that we envision:

  • Conducting meetups to educate the community about MONET
  • Creative memes and cool stickers
  • Responding to questions in Telegram and active, meaningful participation in discussion
  • Introductions to potential partners

To keep a proper track of the active community participants, we ask you to bring your contributions to our attention and submit a form explaining how you have contributed. MONET will evaluate your contribution to allocate the reward. Please submit your application for Community campaign reward HERE:

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Please note that the Bounty campaign starts now, and will last until the launch of MONET Hub. We will start announcing the rewards to the first participants upon the completion of the pre-sale phase (fall 2018) and will continually do so on a rolling basis until the launch of the mainnet. We will still welcome active participation of community members once the network is launched. Half of the annual emission of the network will go towards rewarding the people who are committed to building MONET ecosystem with us. We will announce more details on that later.

We are happy to officially announce that MONET Bounty campaign starts now. We cannot wait to see what our community is capable of. Ready, set, go!

In the as usual:

Take a look at our White Paper on our site:

Ask questions on Telegram:

Follow our official updates via Twitter: @MonetNetwork

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