Announcing MONET Bounty Campaign

Mosaic Networks
Aug 3, 2018 · 6 min read
  • Blockchain developers: we invite those who can contribute to the code to further evolve the MONET ecosystem.
  • Other developers: we are interested in solutions that enable connecting mobile devices to p2p networks without the use of networks.
  • Blockchain enthusiasts: we are happy to reward creative inputs from those who can make our ecosystem more understandable, and those who can deploy some intellectual power towards exploring the MONET potentials (economic models and use cases).
  • Writers / Bloggers / YouTubers: we are happy to collaborate with people who have established their audiences and can communicate the value proposition of MONET via their respective communication channels.
  • Participants of peer-to-peer economy: though essentially a catch-all category, it allows us to focus on the end-user and reward everyone who can meaningfully contribute to the MONET ecosystem.

Content Bounty: 40%

At MONET, we celebrate thoughtfulness, independent thinking and creativity. We would like to reward contributors to the Content Bounty up to 40% of the entire Bounty pool. Here are some examples of content:

  • Infographics
  • Analysis articles
  • Podcasts featuring the MONET team

Code Campaign: 40%

Code campaign involves both building new solutions using MONET, as well as finding bugs in the existing code.

  • Identifying security issues and vulnerabilities
  • Conducting code audits
  • Building DApps that demonstrate applicability of Babble
  • Proposing and developing integration cases

Community campaign: 20%

We will award up to 20% of the bounty pool to active participants and evangelists of the MONET community.

  • Creative memes and cool stickers
  • Responding to questions in Telegram and active, meaningful participation in discussion
  • Introductions to potential partners


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Open-source infrastructure for distributed mobile peer-to-peer applications