How did I earn $3133.70 from Google Translator?

Beri Bey
Beri Bey
Dec 30, 2019 · 4 min read

A bug may seem simple but not at all simple when you need to be … Vietnamese.

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How did I earn $3133.70 from Google?

You’ve probably read through the write-up series about a company X’s bug through Prisma GraphQL.

Then today I will continue the series scattered with bug Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) on the domain of Google. (See details about XSS on

2am along with the winter weather in Hanoi when everyone was asleep, I was still fascinated with my daily work, after finishing the job, it was also 2:45.
Decided to “entertain” a little before I went to sleep, but I had language problems when searching for movies. While translating the title of the movie from Vietnamese into English on, I accidentally discovered a problem that the “Translator” (in Vietnamese main language) feature of Google Translator was caught (See figure 2).

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figure 2

Now I try F12 in the browser to open the DevTools tool and check, I discovered that the HTML I inserted above is being executed. (See picture 3)

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picture 3

Well, Google does not filter and encode HTML tags in this feature. So I can exploit XSS here already.
I tried changing the main language to another language but it was not possible, because the HTML tags were coded and filtered out. This error appears when you select the primary language as Vietnamese.

Continue with other HTML snippets to create a bulletin board to display the domain name and session of the user.
(The difficulty of doing this is to keep the length and the characters properly aligned so that the Translator displays “word suggestions”).
And finally, I got a look at the XSS (see Figure 4 when the xss was executed to create a message box):

<iframe onload=”javascript:prompt(document.domain, document.cookie)” id=”xss” role=”xss”>hello xss
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Figure 4

PoC (Proof of Concept) Video on Chrome and Firefox latest version:

If Google uses the POST method instead of GET to get the suggested results, is it not allowed? Because that code you have to send to the victim to execute it, but whether you send the victim the code, they will also execute it?

Now look at the url address in the browser, then pay attention to the parameters passed.

& sl = en => Primary language
& tl = en => Language after translation
& text => Paragraphs

So I thought it would definitely work, I just need to encode the XSS executable and then pass the TEXT parameter above and send the link to the victim.
After I had enough facts about the bug and I submitted a report to Google.
But then it got a response from Google not to think it was a bug because the domain name was in the “sandbox domains” and they thought it was invalid, so they changed the status to “Won’t Fix (Intended Behavior). “(See picture 5).

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picture 5).

I was quite sad at the moment, but I did not read it again to look for information about the domain name “sandbox” (See Figure 6).

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Figure 6

I would like to briefly talk about “sandbox domains”.
Sandbox domains — Often used to contain all content including viruses, malware, trojans, etc., and it does not affect other servers. It is separate from the main server that contains the user’s data. Hence it is safe.
But strangely, the domain “” is not on the list, and I am sure it is valid. I have sent 2 feedbacks to prove their mistake.
After 7 days of sending me 2 replies I didn’t see them respond, so I kept responding again, and as a result, they reviewed my status change and accepted it as bug and team meeting to assess the level and offer bonuses for this bug.
Lastly, I would like to thank some of you and some members of the “Bounty hunting community”, during the feedback process to prove this mistake and facilitate me. have more motivation to prove.

14/11/2019 14:05 — I send the report
14/11/2019 20:29 — Received a response from Google, but was responded to “Won’t Fix (Intended Behavior)”.
14/11/2019 21:29 — I provided more information
11/15/2019 00:36 — I prove that the domain name is valid.
21/11/2019 23:23 — I continue to prove the domain name is valid and enclose a PoC video.
11/22/2019 00:12 — Google changes that status and confirms that and re-evaluates the bug.
November 28, 2019 01:20 — Google announced a bonus of $ 3133.70
23/12/2019 03:47 — Google feedback has fixed the bug.


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