Customer Spotlight Series: Cubiques 2

Cubiques 2 is a sequel to the highly acclaimed iOS indie title Cubiques.

In this new entry, multiple cubes invade a seemingly simplistic yet a very challenging, monochromatic environment. Each step must be carefully thought out as every movement can simultaneously affect multiple cubes.

Intrigued? We are, too — and love being part of sharing the Cubiques-branded merch to fans everywhere!

Watch the trailer:


Availability: iOS

Case Study — Using In-Game Merch to Boost Engagement:


Players have the option to purchase game-branded merchandise in the same menu screen they’re using to buy in-game products. The products are branded with different, yet equally beautiful Cubiques 2 designs.

By integrating TheMonetizr Unity SDK, Cubiques 2 easily added a merchandise shop directly into the game — creating a seamless experience for players. The shop is placed on the main navigation screen, making it easily accessible next to all the essential features and in-app purchases.

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