Clash Royale and Special Game collectibles? Tell me more.

Gita from Monetizr
Jul 5, 2019 · 1 min read

Clans, battles, mythological creatures, and engaging gameplay. That’s what describes Clash Royal. But could there be more surprises and hidden Easter Eggs along with the game storyline? Like things that would unlock and bring the game from digital to the physical world.

We re-imagined the long-standing player-favorite game with a touch of Monetizr magic. Why and how would look Clash Royale with real-world, unlockable rewards hidden along with the game storyline? Exclusive collectibles, limited edition swag, and fan-favorite collectibles.

See the full use case and let us know what do you think! Have the game and want to add unlockable game collectibles to it? Book a live demo here!

Click to view the full use case!


Monetizr is a turn-key solution enabling game developers…

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