Meet the Founders — Andris, Martins & Reinis

There’s no lack of articles debating the value of being friends first when starting a company. The opinions vary greatly on whether sharing a few drinks or a game with your pals can lead to tremendous business success. But pool that friendly fun with a proven track record in the boardroom, and you come up with a powerful combination.

“Founders should share a prehistory before they start a company together — otherwise they’re just rolling dice. When I consider investing in a startup, I study the founding teams. Technical abilities and complementary skill sets matter, but how well the founders know each other and how well they work together matter just as much.” — Peter Thiel, co-founder and former CEO of PayPal and first outside investor in Facebook

Dedicated founders with IT, Crypto & Merch expertise

TheMonetizr Co-Founders: Martins Bratuskins, Reinis Skorovs, Andris Merkulovs

Andris, Martins, and Reinis became fast friends when working together for three years at a merchandising company. During this time, they witnessed the industry’s vast inefficiencies and knew they could be improved — particularly for the gaming community.

After talking with multiple people in merchandising and gaming to validate the problems, better understand how different companies approached various aspects, and share their vision — they knew they were onto something big. Soon after, each quit his job and went full speed ahead. They moved from Latvia to the U.S. to start the business closer to the game developers, where TheMonetizr engine would soon after take shape.

Their combined experience in merchandising, app development, and cryptocurrencies brings a unique perspective to gaming. Before co-founding TheMonetizr, Andris worked at Omnicom and helped build and grow nine startups, Reinis built a cryptocurrency payment startup from the ground up, and Martins spent six years in merchandising. And today, they work closely together creating a platform to truly modernize in-game merchandising and the gaming experience. Of course as they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy.” So you also can find the guys enjoying time outside the office, going for a run and (notably) playing video games!

We’d love to talk with you more about it — and hear your story. Be sure to join us on Telegram— or feel free to connect with Andris, Martins, and Reinis directly on LinkedIn.

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