Octalysis Framework — Making Everything More Playable

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Have you ever pulled multiple all-nighters and created something you were certain to be a real quality product? Have you ever felt the disappointment when realizing that despite the quality itself, your product (or project) might not draw the demand you had hoped? That’s the moment you realize that sometimes, entertainment trumps quality — and sometimes, people simply want to play (theoretically speaking).

That’s the approach we took when using the Octalysis framework. What is the Octalysis framework, you ask?

Turning Everyday Life into a Game

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Gamification is a relatively recent marketing phenomenon. It is the practice of applying game-like design elements to otherwise serious business or professional disciplines that usually don’t have anything to do with gaming. This gamification, in turn, leads to a significant increase in user engagement. It applies game mechanics to various business-related processes, such as learning, organizing, crowdsourcing, recruitment and employee evaluation, to make them more efficient and interesting.

Not too surprisingly, research indicates that gamification has several positive long-term effects. It makes the process easier, more productive and, frankly — much more exciting.

An Octagon of Happiness

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Of course, one cannot gamify a product or business simply by bringing in a set of colorful balls to throw around during break. To guarantee your business or product a successful gamification, there has to be a well-tested system of gamification elements beneath it.

The most widely used formula that’s known for user engagement — and the formula we use at Monetizr — is the Octalysis framework.

The Octalysis framework was designed by a man named Yu-Kai Chou — a world-renowned author, the key person behind the gamification concept, and a man who’s widely regarded as one the most influential people on the global entrepreneurial scene today. It’s is a human behavior-focused gamification framework based on eight core drivers for human motivation:

  1. Epic meaning and calling
  2. Development and accomplishment
  3. Empowerment of creativity and feedback
  4. Ownership and possession
  5. Social influence and relatedness
  6. Scarcity and impatience
  7. Unpredictability and curiosity
  8. Loss and avoidance

It’s About Human Nature

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A human-focused design takes into account everything, that’s…well — human. Every individual has feelings, insecurities, and reasons why they embrace or reject certain things. The Octalysis framework provides optimization of these feelings, cleverly approaching the eight core driving forces behind human motivation to eventually increase engagement.

We love this approach at Monetizr — and work directly with our game developer customers to create amazing experiences for the fans.

At a time when everyone is being pulled in every direction and distractions abound, interactivity and personalization are critical to any product, app, program, or process. Monetizr offers an elegant way to instantly add all the necessary gamification elements for you, turning your game into an experience worth coming back to over and over again.

Ready to boost engagement, drive revenue, and create amazing experiences for your game fans? Let’s talk!

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To learn more about how Monetizr is working with game developers to enhance the gaming experience for all players, join us on Telegram— or visit https://www.monetizr.io to find out how you can get involved.


We create new revenue streams for game publishers. Unlockable badge-of-honor game merchandise, gift cards, brand-sponsored rewards.

Martins Bratuskins @Monetizr

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Founder at Monetizr. We create new revenue streams for game publishers. Unlockable badge-of-honor game merchandise, gift cards, brand-sponsored rewards



We create new revenue streams for game publishers. Unlockable badge-of-honor game merchandise, gift cards, brand-sponsored rewards.

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