The power of a loyal community in mobile games

First, the player takes action by opening the game or starting to play. Then follows motivation when hidden Easter egg is just within a grasp. Afterward, the best part — the player gets rewarded for time and skill dedicated to playing the game. Last but not least is the repeat part. When player evolves in-game and becomes actively involved in gameplay, story, and community.

All examples below come from Monetizr Angry Birds 2 case study.

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Involvement in the community. When integrating game collectibles, make sure to add the “special sauce”, namely the customization. Read more about customizing collectibles boxes and envelopes. Sharing is caring and loyal community telling others about your game is the best “thank you” anyone could hope for.

Bring digital into the physical world in the form of game collectibles and then back to your game. Including Easter eggs in collectibles, like, t-shirt inside labels unlocking a super-secret level or scanning QR code will give one of a kind player experience and the feeling of exclusivity. Not all have the collectible and what’s more, not everyone is attentive enough to notice those details.

Great accomplishments deserve great rewards or the further players get in the game, the bigger and better rewards become. Start with something simple like decals or magnets and eventually graduate to the holy grail, might it be an exclusive t-shirt or even plush toy. Whatever your players fancy. See more options here.

Read also Step 1 — Trigger, Step 2 — Motivate, Step 3 — Reward.

Happy players are more engaged players

Unforgettably fantastic player experiences are what drives retention and engagement. And people just love having bragging rights to something exclusive that others don’t have. Like unlocked and purchased Angry Birds 2 collectibles.

Entertainment is a service and aim is to bring joy to players. We will monetize the whole range of your player emotions — from frustration to bliss. Emotions are the strongest and most potent trigger behind every human decision. Let us do what we do best — handle everything game collectibles related and bring the best experiences for your players! In the meantime, you now have all this time on your hands to deliver great new updates to the game.

Martins Bratuskins @Monetizr

Written by

Founder at Monetizr. We create new revenue streams for game publishers. Unlockable badge-of-honor game merchandise, gift cards, brand-sponsored rewards



We create new revenue streams for game publishers. Unlockable badge-of-honor game merchandise, gift cards, brand-sponsored rewards.

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