TOP5 products to start selling in your game

Gita from Monetizr
Mar 10, 2020 · 5 min read

Meet our frontrunners — the most popular game gear among developers and players. For more details or personalized offers, please contact

See the full Monetizr product catalog here.


Customizable to the player or the brand, the t-shirts are long-time favorites. If you can imagine the shirt, chances are, we will find a way to make it a reality. Prints include:

  • Direct to Garment (DTG) print — front, back, inside label, sleeves, all-over,
  • Pocket (print on the pocket or hide something behind it),
  • Patch, embroidery,
  • Clothing Tags and Private Labels,
  • Applique
  • Screenprinting (only available on batch orders)

Prices starting at $15 for on-demand printing. Considerable discounts on bulk orders. Inquire Print on demand shirts is ready to ship around 3 business days after order is made. Bulk ordered shirts can are dispatched the next business day after the order is made. Bulk orders take up to two weeks to manufacture.


Socks are the new thing. They are fun, colorful, always needed and are currently considered a great accessory and fashion statement. Socks as a game gear might be the most underrated product. They can hide amazing easter eggs that unlock new opportunities inside the game or be used for a simple fashion accessory.

We use high-quality knitted socks, manufactured in Europe. Minimum order 250 pairs per size, prices starting at $2.50 a pair. For a customized offer please contact


Pins are a form of art — hard or soft enamel with glitters, glow in the dark and Pantone dyed options among other things. Add a matching backing card and there’s a winning combination. Or do a set of two or three pins per card. The more the merrier. You can put limited edition numbers on the other side, hide a puzzle or game code on the backing card to further increase the player experiences.

Pins are manufactured in bulk, starting at 30 pins per order. Depending on the brief, the minimum can go up to 100 pins. Pins are made from metal. Type, form, size, backing options, backing cards are all the things that can be customized to get the best possible results. It sounds like a lot but does not worry, we’re here to help navigate and suggest the best possible combo for the campaign.

The price for 100 pins starts at $3.70 for first-time orders. For a customized offer please contact


Decals are the one product where the sky is the limit. Round, square, holographic, sticker sheets — whatever you fancy. They can be sold as a separate product or added as a surprise with some bigger merchandise. Thin vinyl stickers (less than 0.1mm), are awesome to put on laptops, phones, bags — really, any clean, dry surface there is. Durable and weatherproof stickers holding the greatest reminders about a beloved game.

Sticker packs can start as low as 10 stickers minimum per order. We recommend selling them in 3, 5 and 10 packs for the best price — player experience ratio and order no less than 100 stickers as they are the most popular of the product. A game with an average of 10k MAUs can sell around 500–700 stickers when starting a campaign.

Depending on the decal type, ordering 100 decals price per decal starts at $0.63. Discount applies to larger orders. For a customized offer please contact

Gift cards

Used by game developers to reward players for high-value actions inside the game. A digital reward that players can receive in their e-mail right from the game. Gift cards from popular services and retailers help motivate to complete in-game actions and make IAPs complete them on time. Gift cards can be used as an incentive to drive engagement, in-app-purchases, and motivate players to participate in tournaments, challenges, and leaderboards.

Gift cards start from $5 per card. For a customized offer please contact

Packaging options

All products are sent out in a plastic mailer — it helps preserve the product from weather and have it reach the destination undamaged. For an additional cost, products can be packed in eco mailers created from recycled materials that can be further recycled or re-used. Both poly and eco-mailers can be printed with a game or studio logo, slogan and more.

Decals are sent in envelopes, depending on request — regular white or printed. All pins are additionally packaged in a standard white pillow box (upper right picture). Print or decals on the box can be applied to all boxes.

Additionally, bulk order products, like t-shirts, hats or socks can be packaged in a variety of boxes. Boxes help products reach the destination in pristine condition as well as serves for amazing player experiences, hiding puzzles if the developer chooses so and allows for additional add-ons such as letters, stickers and more.

Pillow boxes start from $.99 per piece, two-sided printed shirt boxes from $2.50 apiece, two-sided printed hat boxes — $5.00. For a customized offer please contact


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