Why have we launched Money Alive?


The acorn?

Have you ever sat around a table with a group a people and thought ‘wouldn’t it be great if…’. Well, that’s how Money Alive started.

All of our team have been working in financial services for many years, in a variety of different roles, including advising, marketing, management, training and technology. But around the table that day we all agreed on one thing — the public had lost trust in the industry and to make matters worse, it had become so complex and full of jargon that we didn’t see things ever changing.

So we thought about creating a way of providing people with clear, unbiased, jargon free information to enable them to make better financial decisions. At the same time we saw that online videos were being used to provide information and guidance in many areas, from how to fix your sink tap to showing you how to plat your hair.

So we thought ‘would it be great if we could combine these two to create the UK’s first video centric website to help and enable people to make better financial decisions’.

We had planted our acorn.

Why the name Money Alive?

Deciding on a name is never easy. We wanted something that captured the real reason why the business was different and what we were trying to do. By using engaging videos we wanted to bring to life what are often complex and, some say, boring financial subjects. Someone shouted ‘we need to bring money alive’, it seemed perfect and our acorn was growing roots.

What is our ambition?

Our initial focus is on helping those people over the age of 55 make the most of their pension pots following the Governments revolutionary changes to the pension rules.

However, our ambition is for Money Alive to provide people with impartial, trusted information on a wide range of money matters and so we’ll be launching help and support for other topics throughout 2017.

Feel free to have a look around the website and please get in touch too, we’d welcome your feedback.

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