Adapting Your Passive Income Methods for End-Stage Capitalism

The world is burning, but I’ve got the oven mitts

Jordan Fraser
Money Clip


Photo by Juliana Kozoski on Unsplash

I feel, in a way, like an irrelevant old coot writing about passive income in the year 2024 after the rise and fall of this genre peaking in 2022 and crashing slowly ever since.

Articles about passive income crashed for a very good reason, because of the many various, complicated, and wildly unfair factors that caused the rich to get much richer and everyone else to dance the devil’s tango on the edge of abject poverty.

Making plans for earning passive income becomes a lot less fun when the regular income you once took for granted stops being reliable and becomes a fragile treasure. But I’m here to tell you that passive income is still possible, but not if you keep using the old ways.

The ways in which I earn my passive income have changed a lot as the world and finance itself has changed. Systems have altered to favour the super wealthy, but even those with very little can take advantage of those changes. Let’s dive down into the muk.


REITs or Real Estate Investment Trusts are companies that own and rent out hundreds, or even thousands of homes, offices, and many other types of real estate.