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If You Want to Retire, You Should be Able to!

Finding freedom from unfulfilling work

Jordan Fraser
Oct 23 · 2 min read
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Are you looking for something financial to read this weekend? Maybe it’s time to take a look at your investment strategies? Or maybe, like me, it relaxes you to have a drink and read about money while perusing your accounts. What could be better?

Whatever your reasons, these articles are hot off the press and are sure to scratch that itch.

This month I’ve been focused on investing for the purpose of getting out of work early. Whether you choose to work, or do so because of obligation, it should be your choice! It shouldn’t be because you have to. Finding that freedom may be easier than you think.

I wish you a pleasant read and a very happy weekend!

How My Investments Pay My Salary

When it comes to investment, the goal of most people is retirement.

With the rapid expansion of the F.I.R.E movement , people are shooting for their 4% number.

Developed by William Bengen in 1994, the 4% rule is the math-verified theory that if you withdrew a maximum… read more

How Food May be Your Most Important Investment

Lately, I’ve been on something of a food adventure.

It all started when Kristi Keller wrote about her experiences with Hello Fresh. I was so inspired by her story, that I started using a service here in Shanghaicalled CooKit.

Cookit is quite similar to Hello Fresh… read more

Which Index Fund is Best?

For a lot of people, once they’ve finally made the choice to invest, they freak out at realising that they need to choose which fund is right for them.

In my previous article, I explained why index funds are the best choice for the average investor. The low fees and… read more

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