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Making Money on Skillshare

Is it something you’d try?

I’ve been feeling encouraged this week about the prospect of developing an income stream via

I’ve been watching the incredible journey of my mother who, after contributing almost monthly for a year, is now earning thousands of dollars per month without posting any new classes.

Is Skillshare special? Or is she exceptional? I wrote more about that in my newest story.

Is Skillshare the True Online Goldmine?

I’ve also been feeling excited about my return to KDP, having written a true crime book profiling 12 mass murderers and one cult-leading psychopath. I actually wrote this book for a client on Fiverr, but was unable to deliver it before Fiverr deleted my account. More about that in the stories below.

I May Have Found the Key to Advertising with Amazon

Why I’ve Returned to KDP

Fiverr Has Disabled My Account… Again

I write here on Medium, but on Skillshare I teach music. If you’d like to check out my classes, you can do so by clicking here. They’re especially geared towards those in the early stages, and those who love to compose or produce.

The aforementioned true crime book is available on Amazon by clicking here. But fair warning, it is a graphic read.

Have a great new week! And let me know if you’ve found your own online hustles that are earning you money. I’d love to hear your story.

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