Shark Tank Australia is Back and Worse than Ever

“Unwatchable” is too kind for this show

Jordan Fraser
Money Clip


Shark Tank Australia: Network 10 & Curio Pictures

As an Australian expat who’s been living overseas my entire adult life, I’m often mortified when I check in on what my beloved home country is up to.

Much like an older relative, Australia is very often working hard and making great strides, and it’s wonderful to see. But every now and then, Australia turns up late to the party drunk, stumbling, and breaking the coffee table while trying a sick trick he saw online.

My clumsy analogy is referring to the Australian edition of investment reality show ‘Shark Tank,’ an export of the US smash that was mercifully put out of its misery 5 years ago after stumbling its way through four horrible seasons.

Well, they’re back, and trying again with new hosts on a new network. They’ve thrown everything out to start from scratch with new ideas and new producers behind the scenes, but this new attempt is somehow worse.

It was a boring mess of an imitation of the US version that was clearly motivated by the hopes of sucking up the existing viewership but had nothing new or creative to bring to the table. That’s not to say the Australian version didn’t change anything about the formula, they did, their ideas just served to make the formula worse and it baffles me…