SkillShare Giveth, SkillShare Taketh Away

Yee be warned.. the delete key awaits..

Jordan Fraser
Money Clip


Photo Credit: Andrew Le via UnSplash

For those who don’t know, I recently embarked on a SkillShare “experiment,” if you will, in an attempt to offset the money I pissed away booking myself a business class flight for my upcoming vacation this summer instead of a regular economy flight.

I don’t really need to make up the lost funds, but it’s nice to have something motivate me to carry out a productive endeavour such as this one.

The experiment is an attempt to discover what amount of money can be earned by posting a class to SkillShare at the maximum frequency allowed, which for SkillShare is weekly. Will I be recommended to more people by the infamous algorithm? Will I experience weekly bursts of public interest? Will I retire a millionaire?

Well, it seems not only am I not experiencing any of these yet, I’m actually just spinning my wheels. I’m three classes into this experiment, but these have only served to replace the three that were removed.


Yes, SkillShare took down three of my classes last year. They’d emailed me about it, but all of their emails are sorted into a ‘promo’ folder by Gmail so I missed it.