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I‘m Posting a Class Every Week So You Don’t Have To

Jordan Fraser
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Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

While bouncing around Medium and reading stories these past couple of weeks I’ve noticed three distinct themes, a resurgence of the good ol’ fashioned “you read mine and I’ll read yours” appeals, an unfathomable level of ChatGPT generated trash, and the many Americans suffering through the cold snap begging the gods to relieve them of their nightmare.

Over time, I’ve become exclusively interested in stories that allow me to fall headfirst into people’s lives, their pain, their finances, and their hopes and fears. This means that flavourless guides, tips, tricks, and flowery prose hold less and less weight as time goes by. I craving reading about what people really want in life, so it’s at this moment that I say loudly and proudly, I really want to fly business class this year.

My Truest Desire

I’m 6’3” and I can’t squeeze myself into a flying sardine can anymore. Last year I broke my headphones contorting my body into a position that would allow me to fit inside my seat without snapping my knees on the tray-table in front of me. I want to spend 3x the reasonable cost of a flight for a lie flat bed, real food, top shelf booze, and a place to sit down and drink coffee while connecting at Changi airport. I want luxury…