The Money and Blues Report #24

Today at the 500th anniversary of the Reformation Day in Wittenberg. Someone said that if one were to summarize Martin Luther’s Theses, it would be to “think for yourself”.

The world is a strange place.

And I would like to start with an excerpt from the book Antifragile, by Nassim Taleb.

The Swiss trader who didn’t know where Switzerland was

“I was told that he was the biggest Swiss franc trader in the world, a legend in his day — he had predicted the big dollar collapse in the 1980s and controlled huge positions. But a short conversation with him revealed that he could not place Switzerland on the map — foolish as I was, I thought he was Swiss Italian, yet he did not know there were Italian-speaking people in Switzerland. He had never been there.”

The ugliest slide decks get the highest funding

Just as Nassim Taleb’s “intellectual world was shattered” after observing accounts like these, I have also made some observations recently.

A few days ago I found the slide deck from the Vision Fund online.

For those of you who don’t know about it, it’s a 100 billion dollar fund, enough money to distort entire industries if poured into the market.

When looking at the deck, instead of elegant slides I found the ugliest composition of text and images I’ve seen in a while.

Next time when you raise some billions, forget everything you’ve learned about Powerpoint.

Bodybuilding and poetry

The world is full of contradictions and misleading impressions.

Few know that, at the beginning of my 20s — the time when I spent most time in the gym — was also the time I wrote most of my poems.

People who saw me back then might have thought I was dreaming about protein supplements at night, when in fact I was reading Paradise Lost by John Milton in the evening and thought about Nietzsche’s Zarathustra.

Misconceptions are common. And the list goes on.

The world is a strange place. And the only advice might be this one:

Think for yourself.