Health is a vehicle

The Money and Blues Report #23

Let me ask you a question:
 Why do you want to be healthy?

Or if you’re already in good shape:
 Why are you healthy?

Or even better:
 You’re healthy, now what?

People do the craziest things for health.

Recently I heard about a 5 day coconut water only diet for detoxification.

Another time I met a fruitarian.

And while I enjoy turning my bathroom into a steam bath in the morning, some others prefer cold showers.

Whatever you do for your body, you have to also do something with it.

Being healthy for health’s sake is not the point.

And I believe this is missed by so many.

“Health allows us to have the energy to actually contribute something meaningful to the world.”

That was written here.

And more than 27 years ago, this article had this take on the subject:

That physical well-being is more of a byproduct of successful living than it is an objective in itself.

When I started Money and Blues, I’ve set the motto:

Get stronger
to make the world more beautiful.

Because if you do that, it’s reinforcing itself.

You’re healthy? Now, do something with it. You’re stronger? Now, create something. And when you do, it comes back to enforce you.

Have a strong week,