How to make Turkish coffee?

The Money and Blues Report #20

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Today I went to a place in Schöneberg where they make Turkish coffee the way I like.

The staff is always friendly, polite, hospitable and they always serve the coffee with some lokum, a sweet Turkish delight.

It’s quite a delight that these things exist.

Because they don’t have to.

If you think about the bare minimum, we would just need to survive day-to-day and that’s it — no art, no fine life, no Turkish coffee with some lokum necessary.

Stability first. Everything else, happens on top.

A long time ago I started to read Antifragile, a book by Nassim Taleb. It talks about the opposite of fragile and how some things get stronger and better from some volatility.

I had stopped reading it because during that time, the volatility in my life was quite high and I clearly didn’t feel that I’m benefiting from it.

I later then realized something important:

On the way from fragile to antifragile, you have to get to robustness first.

There is a step in between.

Imagine a world where it’s all about day-to-day survival, daily struggles and food shortages. First you got to have some peace, some rest, some sleep. And also, probably some breakfast.

Because stability comes first. Everything else happens on top of it.

If you have that, you can be free, creative, spontaneous, funny, wild, whatever you feel like.

You can come up with things like Turkish coffee and delight.

You can even come up with things that no one needs.

You are free to try.

Because you have the fundament now to stand on.

Wish you a solid foundation and from there, everything else you like,