I forgot the money

The Money and Blues Report #22

I was on the plane last week.

And I started to write.

All the things that I wanted to learn, do, work on, improve, accomplish.

It was an exercise that I had on my mind for too long, and then above the clouds, I wanted to get it out.

This Report is called Money and Blues.

But the recent reports where just the Blues.

Without the Money.

It’s time to bring it on again.


The most important thing in business — and life — is to survive. Everything above and beyond that is a bonus.

Survival comes first: In life that means to avoid terminal risks, and in business that means to avoid bankruptcy.

Both mean the same thing: Get the basics right.

Once this is done though, it can get boring. Because once you’re all set, this exciting feeling of what’s beyond that starts to play with your soul, it starts to sing to your heart.

Because once you feel stable and safe, you start to wonder what’s beyond your day-to-day.

I believe only very few know that when you haven’t set a goal, the default goal setting for basically everything that is alive, is to stay alive.

Goals are there to go above that.


Good news from the universe

So what happens when you write down your goals?

I don’t know what it is, but things start to shift.

All these atoms and particles and situations and constellations rearrange in billions of possible ways to make way for your way.

Yet I used to be scared that when I miss these windows of opportunity, then that would be it. I thought there would be no more try.

But someone else said opportunities are more like buses. There’s always a next one coming. And then, you have another try. And then, another one.

And the universe reorganizes again.

Have a great start into the new week,