Reflecting reflections

The Money and Blues Report #21

I stopped writing for a while.

For the past 20 reports, I turned weeks into learnings.

But the weeks, they deserve to be released, sometimes.

In the open.

Without defining.

Without constraints.

I gave it some time to reflect again.

I turned on this song.

The piano started to play.

And this is what I’ve found.

Not reflecting is not an option

We are busy with everything around us, chasing the bits of the news, commuting, working, doing things for others.

But for us, we have little time.

To sit down for a moment, committed to reflect, choosing the words, constructing the rhythm, is real work. It doesn’t come like that.

Insights come and go, they are flying, and some of them we catch. But to commit to reflect is something else.

To sit down and write, to take the time just for you and no one else, opens another door. It’s a different one.

I took the boat to Wall Street

I just wanted to do.

I didn’t want to reflect anymore.

I took the boat to Wall Street. Tried my shots at the basketball court in Brooklyn, but failed, twice. Will try again, some time maybe. Broadway took me back to childhood, and the Lion King soundtrack was on my mind all the time on my flight back.

I met new people, saw new things. Once I was invited to a party on the rooftop and Manhattan was the view. I was told I move up fast, thanks for that. Someone told me I have to promise to never stop traveling, I will try my best.

It’s been some time without reflecting. And it is good for a while.

But then there’s a time, you need direction. And things pile up on your mind.

I didn’t want to reflect anymore.

I just wanted to do.

I opened up.

But now it was time to put it down.

It opens up another door, and it’s a different one.

Why to do reflecting?

Do it just for you.

I wish that your most beautiful memories come visit you again,