What’s the difference?

The Money and Blues Report #19

Source: https://chinesemartialstudies.files.wordpress.com/2012/08/ueshiba-spear.jpg
What’s the difference between a student and a master?
The master gets up faster.

Sometimes it sucks.

And when it does, then screw it.

Go to bed, and just leave your stuff undone.


But when you wake up the next morning, 
and the sun is out there for you,
with light that comes in through the shades, 
then you can’t screw up again,
not seeing that grace.

You just can’t be down one more time,
not seeing that chance of new.

You just have to get up and do whatever it takes.

What’s for you to decide?

I absolutely hate indecision.

When thoughts take a step forward, and then a step back.

When no movement gets made because you cannot decide.

When you hesitate.

When you finally give up and leave it.

Postponed until tomorrow.

But what does hesitation tell us?

I believe it means that something is not quite right.

And although you might rage and you want force and all that, it’s better to give up and leave it.

It’s better to postpone it until tomorrow.

Because the right constellation will come up.

I believe when something is right, the stars align.

And when the friction fades, you just know that the decision is there, right in front of you, ready to be made.

I believe there’s always something exciting for you to decide on, that there’s a difference between something ok and something great.

And you might ask what’s the difference between ok and great?

Well, it’s the difference between dabbling around and screaming out so loud! you can’t even contain that joy.

That’s the difference.

I know that there is something exciting for you to decide on — and I’m excited for you for when you make that choice :)