What’s your agenda?

The Money and Blues Report #18

Wannsee, Berlin

I wanted something new this week, some kind of makeover.

I used to go running with old New Balance and sweatpants that I’m sure are rather made for chilling on a couch than running on a track, so I checked the sport stores for performance wear.

After I’ve decided to get me a few things, the sales advisor asked me:

What’s your agenda?

I said:

What do you mean?

And he replied:

Like when you’re leaving now, going home, did you get everything you wanted today?
Are you satisfied with what you did at the end of day?

On this day, my answer was yes — I am.

But it’s hard to say if I can say yes to it on an average, weekly, day-to-day.

How about you?

Set the course

Too many times we go right into the day without a clear idea of what we really want to achieve.

But how can we feel achievement, if there isn’t anything set to be done?

Today I met with my coach for a session this morning.

He often tells me that I should ask myself

“does this serve my mission?”

when I do something, just to make sure that I’m on my way.

And of course, you need a mission to be able to answer this.

Just after the session I went out on a lake.

I took the boat tour from Wannsee to Potsdam, passing by small islands, blue waters, strong winds.

I love to be on the sea, it’s powerful and calming.

You might wonder, did this serve my mission?

Oh yes, it did.

Why? Because sometimes, it’s just about enjoying what you feel like doing, dreaming away for some moments, losing your thoughts while watching the waves.

I wanted to go on the lake, take the boat with the destination Potsdam, and do a trip for a day.

That’s what I wanted to do today.

That was my agenda.

What’s yours?